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This is FUNNY!I feel the same way. lol


I was in bed sleeping next to my now ex girlfriend....she let one go so loudly it startled me awake and I almost fell out of bed, practically scared me half to death....


i like women wh farts and i wish to lick er ass hole after she farted


its weird, and i thank god my baby dont do it in front of me. the only woman i ever head fart is my crazy ass momma.


like men farting is great..when men fart its so much worse because they are sometimes ugly...smelly...sweaty OH GOD..even scratching and farting..not pretty at all


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You're probably right that it would have been an awful experience, and they likely would have taken credit in the end for any creative input you had in the process...everything happens for a reason, and I'm sure you're better off where you are now! It also sounds like you learned from it, so that's invaluable!


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This is my first time i visit here. I found interesting things to many in your blog, mostly to the debate.

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