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herp mcderp

hope your proud of yourself. karma will visit you one last time as you die in a bed in a room all by yourself. as for her it eats her up, she tries to explain to her conscience that she is the victim and he MUST be cheating on all those trips. but she don't know that and the cycle of betrayal will get you both killed and rightfully so. this is the natural order of things nature spoke to her and said marry him not you. you are what she occasionally wants (why she surprises you) but he is what she NEEDS. that is the difference. the REALITY of your inability to attract a woman that is willing to give you her life is quickly discarded by your egocentric ILLUSION that you are some fall guy (btw. fall guy actually means the patsie or the person that gets set up for the "fall") or pimp. while this is ideal to you and encourages your facade it only illuminates your desperation to be accepted on a truly meaningful level that's why you posted that blurred out picture so it would be proof that your the man but all it proves is that your a coward. you cant say that your doing it to protect her from a wrathful husband or that it is out of her best interest; if that was the case you would simply stop it.
TL/DR: you've turned against love, your fellow brother, the holy institution of marriage and family, and your race. pat yourself on the back nigger.

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