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Just stumbled upon this...gotta say i discussed this issue some two days ago. This video made me cry.


Why did you cry?

Jasmine Darrah

what if I had a black great grandma? does that make me an eighth black? like, where does the blackness end and whiteness begin? and why is the color of skin so important anyway?


Great clip! Now I have two sons and they're biracial, but I honestly have to say that I "raise" them as being black. I also tell them that even though they are actually half white, people will first off all look at them as being black men. They can't and should not have to walk around with a sign on their forehead which says: my dad is white/I'm biracial. It's like Obama said during his election period: He would be running for president as a black man, because that's how society labels him in RL. I encourage my sons to think as individuals, but they should be well aware that they are going to face racism/prejudice from whites because of how they look.
And I also teach them exactly what the little boy said: If someone doesn't like you because of how you look, then they're really the one with the pproblem. You were born this way! They could change their ridiculous mindset, you can't change the way you look. So they are the weakest link, because they can't cope with reality in a normal fashion!


My sons and I have not yet experienced racism from blacks, but that may be due to the fact that we don't live in the usa. We live in Holland and I'm Surinamese. The large majority of Surinamese people think of biracial children as being black.

Dont' Push Me

In all fairness I think the racial divide/topic/crisis that I speak on is directly unique to the USA. I'm sure people world wide can relate to a degree, but we have our own issues in the United States.


I am a bi-racial man who outwardly is quite black looking. The people who frequently accosted me during my youth & even in adult years, never used the term 1/2 nigger. My school teacher in third grade who lashed me regularly because she read a book saying blacks need to be beaten to learn, did not 1/2 beat my knuckles. This happened even though I later discovered I as an adult I have an IQ of over 155 btw, so it was not a lack learning ability on my behalf. The people who slammed doors in my face when I arrived for job interviews, after initially being excited by CV and my white English sounding name. Didn't consider me to be 1/2 worthy, nor did the racist whites who yelled obscenities at me & my first wife (who was white) consider my 1/2 white status.

On the other hand I have a grown daughter who's mother was white, she has light brown hair white skin and green eyes. My Afro genes have contributed to her having full lips, and slight broadness to her nose. She is considered by whites to be very beautiful because of the combination of full features with white skin.

Color of skin matters because the institution of "white privilege" is very real, and when your skin is not white it doesn't apply to you. So to answer your question directly Jasmine, blackness ends when your skin is no longer black. And skin color matters because we live in a society that's entire ethos is built on affirming the correctness of whiteness, whilst subsequently demonizing & persecuting non-whiteness. This is why colored people from America to India set about trying to bleach their skins with creams, and straightening their hair to be more white!.

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