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I agree with Herm (who is STIL fine after all these years!)....YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

Best of luck to The Blackest Black Man Ever and to his SUPAlady.

Rest In Peace DPM.


Hold up. I only been away for a minute - but are you saying what I think you're saying?

Brotha, it's been a great education. If you re-surface, you better let me know where. (Now I gotta go over and mess with my girl, Supa!)



To my friend & the Brotha formerly known as DPM:

I have not spoken to you in quite some time, but I have been keeping tabs on you through this blog and I feel as though I have been a witnessed to your transformation. It has been a wild and totally hilarious ride.

I remember when OTV was just a figment of your wild imagination.

Props to you my brotha………..and to the Supa Sistah that is making you so happy 


Yo, The Constant Gardener movie review is up at my spot.

(ahhh, sweet memories)

Later, daddy-o! The Verge shall live on....

That Girl Tam

Ok, you know that last pic of the two of you could easily be a perfect postcard (or a good wedding invite). Yo...if yall ever (and I do mean EVER) get to that point, holla at yo gurl (shameless plug) for invites. I'd totally use that picture!! I love it...

May the Verge be with you...

Keep it pimpish!!


Yo, I've been lurking the whole time. The whole premise was interesting to me. I didn't always agree with DPM, but I know him, and I know that he was not "hatin'".
The whole death angle is interesting. But I see it as more of a reincarnation.
In the end I got to say this. Mo'fo's gotta be happy. Someone we both know, is very happy right now (just like you). I think you need to *pop* his collar.

Cuz, i'm *poppin'* yours!




I'm wit Free...please lemme know.

ROFLMAO @ Linestepper. Even though it was a short encounter, you will be missed. R.I.P. It is a beautiful thing to see "BLACK LOVE" !!!!


As they say on the McDonald's commercials, "I'M LOVIN' IT!!!"


Wow my first and last time here I guess......glad u found each other....Hope everything works out..well wishes...


Wow my first and last time here I guess......glad u found each other....Hope everything works out..well wishes...


Dammitt!!! I miss DPM.....

b. smith


i can't believe i'm crying right now. i'm just so happy to see a powerful and gifted black man like yourself, embrace life and the goodness it has to offer.

i love you in a special way and will look for you in another light from here on.

perhaps you could guest star on my radio show? then again, i keep forgetting, you're dead.

keep in touch and b. stylish.


awwwwwwww I am so happy for you 2!!! Glad you found each other.


COngrats! :)


I've only posted a comment once on your page; however I've been a follower for a few months now. I will defenitly miss visiting your site. It's been fun. Miss you much.


The elephant in the room silenced? Say it isn't so!


You're a bad man.
You have no respect and this website is disgrace man.


You obviously haven't read through this site, "I." If you aren't intellectually capable of getting past the title, then you never be able be appreciate the content.

You are the minority.....

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