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Miss Atl

wow, just as you were gonna shut things down you became famous!!!

When I saw the title of the blog I was like wtf, then I read, and this is one of my favorite spots. I love the honesty, sarcasm and the bond that has been form. To bad you are closing down the shop, but much deserved happiness to you.


DPM is dead. But THE VERGE will live on. Thanks for checking and stay tuned.


Angry, bitter black women are in need of comfort, understanding, compassion and healing.
(black men, too - but I'm trying to stay on track here..)

U know I (we) gotta show compassion for women (anyone) in pain, but on that note, I will say:

Sister2Sister: Reading is fundamental. READ, then blast if u feel it's warranted.

But uhh....the Verge is for the open minded and courageous. Er'body aint gon' qualify.....


On a more foolish note, that message board was rife with typos, grammatical errors, sentence fragments, and flagrant use of subject/verb disagreement....made it too hard for me to concentrate...

So fuck it.

I'll spar all night long, even with a republican right wing redneck - long as she/he can spell...But that shit??? Sheesh...


for reals? Gosh darn too much time on their hands and yes they didn't read it all.


I ain't even gonna lie.The first time I ran across your blog, I read the title, cursed you to hell and didn't even take the time to read it beacause I had seen all I needed to see.

Eventually at some point, I found myself here again and decided to read what this "ignant ass knee-gro had to say". It was then that I realized thet you were not the devil I had assumed you

I have since read every post on this site and it has become one of a only a handful of blogs I visit everyday.

The problem the sistas on sister2sister are having is the same problem I and probably many other sistas had.We read the title and stepped.

You know that title has probably cost you a lot of possible fans.


The title acts as a filter. For instance you returned. In no way did the most admirable DPM erect "The Verge" to attract a cliche crowd of comments and readers. It's my guess that the constructed audience of OTV consist of the intellectually bold, honest and open-minded folk. In other words: THE ELITE.

On behalf of DPM I want to thank you for ushering dpm beyond "The Verge" and into a place of emotional and spiritual peace.

Interestingly enuff the world seems to be watching. OTV gets anywhere between 300-600+ hits a day--averaging around 400. Who woulda' thunk it?


Jumping to conclusions and snap judgements are for ignorant folks.

If they had an issue with your site, they could have come on and asked you to clarify what the intent was behind your writing.

Being that they are a publication, they should have followed the imminent rule of journalism....check your facts.


DPM they are under ASSumption that the site is about that. probably read a post or two and ran with it. *smh* reading is fundamental by by the grammer and spell check on that thread alone...I don't think they can spell much less read LOL

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