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random dude

Is this your final post? It better not be, because reading your blog and the 1-2 updates per week became sorta like a ritual.


Juicy gotca Crazy!


no GOD .. No!!!!!!!

What will I do..........

b. smith


I'm sad too. I'm also happy for dpm. RIP dpm.

b. stylish

She put it on you like that huh? LOL

The Phoenix aka That Girl Tam

Well...I'm not so much in shock anymore - as I heard these words from the man himself.

I wish you continued happiness and success in all endeavors. So does this mean if I go to Puerto Rico, I'mma come back and shut MY shit down too? Like that?? well my friend.


Ahhh DPM...reading The Verge was a refreshing and enlightening journey.. Indeed, you were an interesting soul. Evolution is always bittersweet! Pourin' out some liquor.....

You did it big!

Yo' Nigga

RIP my Nigga. Your life was/is inspiring. Long live DeePism!

Florida Evans

Damn...Damn...DAMN DPM!


hehehe so what's yo new name gonna be....OTV of being SKO On-the-verge-of-being-supa-knocked-out
:-) congrats may I didn't like you being OTV anyway :-)

1969 happens to the best of us. Rest in Peace brother....

(Supa girl...Whew, you worked it out!)


Supa P?


Only through death is there new life. A butterfly now? Or just cocooning? I can't wait to see what the new you reveals.

I pour some very fine wine on the ground in your honor.
I will pour a glass and drink it to your rebirth....
Rip DPM yall


You are so missed. . .


Oh, D...

I come by every now and then just to see if you've really gone away.

(Dig the pic. Want to steal it.)

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