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Thanks to the WGFF, DPM went to Puerto Rico with a beautiful Black woman and we had a damn good time. Am I "stuck" in Babylon for doing so? I think not. And does the WGFF mean that I'm a "cheat" dating more than one woman at one time? No. I think that was your thought. Your word. Not my intention.

And now I'm scamming "queens." LOL. Thanks for the laugh. By the way, I date Black women for free all the time at the cost of my own time, energy and preference.

"...get conscious...get Jah."

I've got some better advice, "Get a JOKE!" It's satire.


I have to agree that this agenda is a big scam...who cares if you date black, white, chinese or purple women! Then to ask money, is insane. All men are my brothers as all women are my sisters! Colour should never be the basis on dating someone. Get real! this is 2007 let people unite as people! stop the hating
we all are made of blood and bone!


This is not a "scam." It is what it is. A donation to the cause.
Roby, although you may not be feeling the WGFF, I'm proud to say hundreds have. And I thank all those who have given to the WGFF. I also want you to know that the scrilla is continues to be accurately spent. All donors get updates...


Dating is supposed to be about meeting someone who makes you a better person, who you have a connection with. Believing that colour has anything to do with a woman's character or ability to make you happy is racism pure and simple. Furthermore, you are working to seperate people, not bring them together. This does a disservice to black people everywhere because they already struggle everyday with racism that is imbedded in our society. You seem like an intelligent man, it is my oppinion that you should use your creativity, humour and intellect to bring people of all colours together, not divide them.


Seem like every black football player in the NFL is married to a white woman? I dare you to do the math on that one. How many black man in the NFL are married to white woman?

bint alshamsa

This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time! I would drop a few dimes in ya' pocket but I just paid the rent. Maybe I'll ask my sweetie to put in a few from his paypal account. He's white but since he's with me, I'm sure he would support anything that rests on the premise that Crazy Beautiful Black Women are the real hotness!


Reading these posts are having the same effect on me as when I read racist sh*t about black people. WE'RE all PEOPLE!!! Move on!!


the funny thing is, I've met alot of sistas......WHO ONLY DATE WHITE MEN NOW lmfao.....must be the fact that white men don't have to create websites for donations less than a bum on a corner would get...lmfao any ways i don't blame black chicks who go for white men...lifes alot easier when you aint gotta brotha tryin to dig in ya pockets and sleep under ya!


Screw white woman and their dog smelling selves.


I hope this is satirical. If you want to be paid to date black women. I would rather you indulge your compulsion for Suzy than make a sister miserable.

runescape gold

gotta say that. please get real and get conscious, and find jah.

fact 1:

we are all someones 40th cousin

fact 2:

we are all genetically decended from humans who moved out of africa thousands of year ago.

what this means ...
is that dem white chicks you are trying to avoid are actually genetically african.

so in essence... you are avoiding a white coloured black chick to go after a black coloured white chick who may be your cousin.

UK Dating Websites

Am white but i love a black girl.Am with relationship with Jenny from past 4 years.racism don't matter if you and your partner loves each other and have good chemistry and understanding nothing matters.

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