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WOW. Give this man some money for a righteous cause!


You turnin' me on with this, you know that, right?




I tell you what, I'll buy you a Drizzle when my WGFF gets comfy enuff to do so. You know 6-7 dollars worth or sumthin'.

May the Verge be with you...


You mean, somebody cares about black people?


I want to thank Bret from Montana aka "The Reddest Red Necked White Boy" for his contribution of $5.64 cents to the WGFF.

Not only do I thank you Bret, but I will happily adhere to your request to "..stay far away from..." your "...white women."

I'm thinking with your $5.64 cents, I can buy a chocolate hottie 2 or 3 cups of tea at a "Black Owned" cafe (I do know of one).

Again, Bret I thank you and may "The Verge" be with you.


Black women everywhere are giving you an ovation!!!

Like my mama used to tell me: "Look for a brother who would have understood your mother."


I wanna shout out Auntie for kicking down 2 dollas! I'm thinking that with Bret's $5 & sumthin cents... PLUS your $2, I might even be able to buy a random Black Queen a "Drizzle" at the bar.
I'll let ya'll know...


I do so appreciate the ovation, however unfortunate the WGFF is fueled by scrilla not applause.


Redneck Bob

I'm glad niggers like you are doing such a good job of what the KKK coouldn't. We'd have to lynch a hundred niggers to get them as faithful as you.


If you can keep your dirty hands out the chocolate bowl, we got a deal for life!

May the Verge be with you..


D, I'm TRYING to raise some money, but I spent my allowance on the KBGH Fund (Keeping Black Girls Hot) this week. Be back at ya with the next set of green. Promise!


The Phoenix aka That Girl Tam

Dang...good thing MY mom never said stuff like, "Look for a brother who would have understood your mother." I don't like Chinese guys! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! But I guess I woulda been winnin if I found a Chinese dude that could actually COOK Chinese food (unlike my poor mother). Sorry...I got all off subject...

Dang, so I gotta PAY you to keep black-on-black love together? Hmm...sounds fishy to me...



Just think of it as "Peace of Mind."

I almost got $10. With that scrill, I'm bout to make a lovely sista really happy. Even if it's only a Drizzle.


Dpm...You are such a playa.

The psychology behind your posts are killing me. Even more so the ladies getting wet panties over it.'d rack em' up on Black Planet!

Buy yourself a drizzle....YOU are gooooood!



Hmmm.... I never thought of it like that. "Psychology," I'm sure. However, I'm not a player. Maybe an ePlayer. But that's about it. It's hard for me to image that women's panties are getting wet. Do you speak from experience?

Nonetheless, the WGFF is still going strong and we await your support!

I want to give a special shout out to Brenda in the Bronx who threw down 3 dollars to the cause.

I quote Brenda:

"This donation is priceless considering it will give me a peace of mind... This is the best $3 I ever gave."



I wanna thank Ted & Irene outta Washington DC for their contribution. And as instructed, I will invest your donation toward the rebuilding of resilient Black Love.

Thanks and my the Verge be with you...


Word to the real. I hope the verge finds you well.

I want to give a super shout out to Z. and H. for hooking me up with a fat 20!

And as instructed I will put that scrilla on a "pillow" of some Yay chronic. I'm not really one to partake, but I can make an exception for the WGFF.

Thsnks again.


I wanna big up a special thanks to Theresa for her donation, and as directed, I will "...keep hope alive."

May the Verge be with you...


LMAOOO! this is the funniest funny ever. You taking donations to stay white girl free. And your gonna use the money to buy ramdom black women drinks? Food? Movies? Etc? Right? At our expense? Hmmm... Interesting.. . Gotta love them BayArea Hustlas lol




Just when I thought y'all didn't care, I look up and I hustled damn near $30 in the last week.

Special shout out to Nadra and Faye! And as ordered, I will buy some flowers for the next queen I come across.

I gotta admit I bought a drink for this one hottie this weekend. That left me with 4 or 5 bucks in my account. But now, I'm Verge rich!



Word and BIG UPS to Naomi who dropped $5 on it. And as requested, I will gladly "invest" your scrill in "Black Harmony."

May the Verge be with you...


I wanna shout out B. Smith for her contribution. I'll be sure to spend your undisclosed amount wisely.

May "The Verge" be with yo' fine ass...


Just when I thought y'all didn't care, Miss M came through with a matching donation. She said she'll match whatever I get through the 10th of July.

A'ight Miss M. It's on.

Keep me White Girl Free!

i like white boys and i always feel like a sellout because i do. i hate this feeling and i want black only babies. what should i do?


You should donate $20 or more for piece of mind and then do what you want.
Your donation will ensure more black babies via me.
My the verge be with you....

sounds like you are an opportunist to me. you got black people paying you money to not date white women. so what if no one gave a damn who you dated....and didn't give a dollar to keeping you as such an incredible asset to black women? your promise to stick to black love is driven by an economic greed, not by an intrinsic principle. look at what your foundations are and then take a long look at who is trapped in the babylon system. scamming his own queens. how dare you degrade black women to PAY YOU so that we can go to sleep everynight knowing that somewhere there is some fool who is promising to keep himself for us. give me a break. and just how many black women do you intend to be with at one time? is it better for you to be a nasty cheat? you are a slick scammer tho' i gotta say that. please get real and get conscious, and find jah.

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