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Did you end up dating a fish dp... lol? If you did, there is help for that and maybe you should let the sistah know... on the low of course. :)



Nah, it wasn't like that. I just couldn't dig her whiffs...


Too funny. But true, so true. There is something about smell... I remember working with a guy who acted like a FOOL & didn't have the looks to make you forgive him. But, oh man! One day he walked past me in the hallway & smelled so good that all I wanted to do was bury my face in his neck. Fahrenheit cologne. I went right out and bought some to keep around (you know, just for fantasy sake).

Funk can kill a mood for real.


lol @ Free!

Yes, there's something about a good smelling brotha - whether the natural aromas or cologne-inspired. (My girls usta think I was SICK 'cuz I would dig a man when he was steppin' fresh off the b-ball court - but I like clean smellin' sweat...not FUNK)

But those pheromones are real when it comes down to humans & our sexuality..(that undercover chemical communication!)

So hey. On the real - we're all just animals reacting to each other's smell. Sometimes not favorably, but you know..

To each his/her own!


And ditto - I loathe Patchouli. Makes me dry heave violently.



Between Patchouli and Padron you all fucked up, huh?




Reminds me of a joke my mother told me (that my grandfater told HER).

What did the blind man say when he passed by the fish market?

"Hello, Ladies".

HAHA! I crack myself up.


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