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I personally think it does not matter. I'm glad you don't think it does, either. We are about the same age, and I believe our community has not made a big deal out of it.

Sure, it can raise eyebrows on occassion, but that is to be expected. I am not one to go into the ridiculous spiel that "Men have done it for ages, why shouldn't women". Please, I've got a headache, and it's got that slogan written all over it.

Just tomfoolery.

Well, first of all, women have been doing it for years. Queen Victoria's husband from well over a century ago was much younger than her. So is Mary Tyler Moore, and Victoria Principal. Diahann Carroll did it too. It's just that white folks started getting all excited when Demi and Ashton got together. Funny how it became 'ok' for women to do that. I don't believe it would have elicited the same response had Ashton been the one twenty years her senior. You would have had a bunch of angry, funny looking NOW women saying squalling about him. But that's another story, because I do believe that the media slants things to favor women.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand. I think that whatever age you are (and whatever age you want), those are your personal preferences and you should go for them. You are not the first brother that I have HEARD say this, in fact. For one, black don't crack, and for two, I have heard innumerablel men talk about the fullness, sexiness, after-baby, no holes (hehe) barred sexuality of 'mature' women. So I can see you enjoying that.

In any case, whether you choose younger or older women, I think you are going to sweep clean in any sense, because black folks don't give an eff about stuff like that anyway, because we're cool like dat. :) Because what matters is the feeling that you get when you are with that person, and I give you virtual daps for keeping it real.



Word to the Verge (giving daps back)!

Basically, I think I like Black women all the way around.

May the Verge be with you.


Black don't crack.

b smith

thanks dpm :)


Well..I don't think I'd aspire to be the "original" Stella - 'cause she got gamed on in Jamaica and ended up marrying a fa-, I mean, that gay dude..

BUT, me plans on followin' my momma/aunties/Nanas footsteps on how to age gracefully & deliciously (like most black womens do) and I reckon I'll hafta keep all those young'uns offa my shit.

That's the plan.

Yes P - Good Black don't crack. Let's say it again so Vivica can hear....


B? Is that you?........




I'm speechless... By the way, I love your teeth.


b smith

yes d,

it's me. i read the verge all the time and thanks to you, i don't wear head wraps and i banned sour cream from all of my restaurants. keep on pimping and word to the verge!


Daddy? Last night you told me you loved MY teefs...remember?

It was right before you fixed me a baked potato with extra sour cream! And a tall glass of ice cold milk...


I'ma need you to relinquish your pimpin' card, per our earlier discussion...



I'm dropping y'all all for B Smith! I'll holla in 10 years or so...

In the meantime, take care of your teefers.

May the Verge be with you.


Of course I had to comment here, being a stella myself..of the BSmith sort of course, if I must say so myself. It brings its slings and arrows and I've had them all. All I can say is if a man is man enough to step to a good looking woman, he shouldn't be busy doing math...........

Love aint about all that.I am glad there are those men, brothas who have found a way around that old stuff, and can step to a sista no matter her age. I don't get the sour cream stuff or the head rags, but then I don't need too. Back to my book now.....

b. smith

good for you s-sistah! i don't get dpm's sour cream thing either but i "feel" him. sour cream is not healthy.

as for the head wraps, i think dpm hasn't experienced the right style wrap--i can wrap a mean one when i want to.

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