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I do not personally do headwraps but I loooves me some sour cream.... lol.

Oh, and I hate grown azz men with braids.


Well, DAMN, D! You done went and messed me up now...Had my red wrap all picked out and everything. LOL.

But - there IS something beautiful about a (Black) woman in a wrap. I think it's the way the carry themselves & just the idea of the confidence it takes to wear it.


Do crip-style bandanas count? Just asking...



Brothas with braids? Damn. That's all bad. And stay away from that sour cream. It's all bad for you.


I have a feeling you can do with out the head wrap. It's more appealing to go with out.


Although a "Crip-Style" bandanna is a more fitting pattern for most head wrap wearers, it's still a head wrap. Most likely it would be used to hide some sorta self confidence issue, which is prolly' the reason why one would resort to be in a gang.

The Phoenix aka That Girl Tam

Hehehe...when I had chopped off all my hair back in 2000, I got creative with a headwrap or two...but I swear I had the hardest time tryin to put that shit on!!!

I came to work one day wearing one and my co-workers kept asking me if I was related to Bin Laden. So...maybe the headwrap look wasn't so hot for me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


"crip-style bandana"... Supa you're killing me, girlfriend. Just killing me. Oh, wait a minute. 2 Pac looked real hot in his bandana, but then - 2 Pac was just hot. Sorry. Had a thug luv moment...


I detest headwraps...makes me wonder if her hair is combed underneath all that cloth.


I dig lots of headwraps but just don't do them.My Grandmother is a hairdresser and my hair is too pretty to cover up :D




I wear headwraps and there are no forms of insecurities about my blackness- I am caribbean, hold no racism and when I do wear it, I find it as a sign of pride and a fashion statement at the same time. Its unconventional as I may wear it with jeans and a blouse or whatever- HOWEVER I've had no issues in school, all of my dolls were nubian and I know you said not all women count but you still said you hate sistas in wraps. Im not trying to change your mind but an open mind will help you- as you are on the verge of dating white girls. I only date black men and this is not a form of racism- its a form of appreciation and the love I have for 'my people' if you;d like to put it that way. I just wanted to give you some insight cos' you had a mighty stereotype thing going on- maybe it could be the headwrapped sisters within your locality? Not in general?


I wear a headwrap everyday. I'm white. I work hard at not being racist or basing my opinion about someone on their attire. I wear them to cover my hair since I suffer from trichotillomania. I've worn bandanas and hats for decades and wanted to look dressier. I gathered that your opinion of white women wearing head wraps was a choice based on trying to be like the 'Other.' It made me a bit sad, but not so down that I'll stop wearing them. This post taught me that there are haters out there that won't give me the benefit of the doubt.

Head Wrap Wearer

Most cultures throughout history have had some form of head covering - particularly for women - regardless of the melanin content of the people group in that culture.

I am Caucasian, I'm not Muslim, and I wear a head covering whenever I leave the house or when a man who isn't in my immediate family will see me. It's not something I was raised in. It's something I am feeling drawn to as an adult: it's my personal spiritual conviction.

I look great in my head wraps - there's more than one way to tie them, by the way. I might not look very good in a Nefertiti wrap because part of what makes that look so incredibly gorgeous is the angular features that I don't have. I have very round facial features - I look good in the Dutch Crown. I don't know that I've ever seen someone look bad in a bun-style since it's such a natural style.

Beauty is, by it's very nature, subjective. Someone, somewhere will find it attractive. If that's not you then you're not the target audience. Move along and understand that the world does not revolve around you.

Have a nice life and - if you haven't found her yet - may you find the woman who is the perfect match for you. Allow other women to find men who are good matches for them instead of feeling the need and permission to try and tear them down.

Karita Fleming

Come on man , you can't blame the headwrap you can only blame them triff ass sistas you were fucking with.As a mixed girl who rocks a headwrap from time to time.I am in love with the world, sour cream only if there some nachos under that, and engaged to the love of my life a English and middle eastern man but still love a beautiful man/woman in any color.It is that Sometimes I don't feel like putting a weave or a wig , or Hawaiian Silky,or maybe just give my real hair a break.Sometimes ,I feel like getting my African queen on instead of my everyday queenness, headwrap or not.Don't confuse a hairstyle with who someone is , yo not every dready got a cause and not every headwrap got a queen under it.
Except maybe if you check under my headwrap ..:P lol



You're funny! I still dunno about that sour cream tho... But you've enlightened me in other areas. And I WILL check out your wrap.


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