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"Pathigga please.."


hold up, I'm bout to go use this shit RIGHT NOW...I'll report back.



That word is classic!!

Pathigga, please!!!! LMBAO


Democratic William Jefferson is a Pathigga for taking a 100K Bribe and not thinking they were not going to pull a "Marion Barry Video Shoot" on him.


OMG. I'm cracking the fuck up! Either I'm twisted, or that shit is hella funny!... Or both.

P: You get an A+

The Phoenix

Did anyone ELSE notice that Whitney Houston's pathiggulous ass wasn't invited to Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball?? Nor was that pathizzle husband of hers BOBBY BROWN!


That shit is classic! I'ma have to find a way to incorporate that in TOday!


This is the best yet, D. Only you can work the language so wonderfully. "Pathigga." Uh, uh, uh... I need some "Pathigga U" t-shirts to give to a few folks around me!

And Supa wasn't messing around - I SAW her use it and just DIED laughing.

Redneck Bob

Thx dpm. We'll use that term at the next rally. I love your site. Way to go nigger!


Redneck Bob:

Hold up dude...

1. You can spell.
2. You're on the internet.
3. And you call your self a "Redneck?"

Pathigga please...

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