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Blah Blah Blah

I like.."droppin' it off"...

1st through...I'll be back (I know, soo Arnie that how you spell that damn name?)


I was wondering why I felt so 'dirty thirties' in and around this time of year.

Thanks for the assistance!


Dude. I lives in LA. I'm always feelin' April-ish...

Stay strapped!



Ah'ight, Let's wait until "The October Turn Around" (wink).


A wise woman once said you must experience someone through all four seasons before you can really "learn/know" them..

Thx for the DPizM remix on it!


"Stay Strapped....and "May" the verge be with you.

May is the month when one starts to peek at what s/he wants and begins the lets kick it or hang out sometime phase.

Whaterver the case may be, your analagy just sent me down memory lane. I reminise on my seasonal cycle and its outcome.

when it boils down 2 it, we all crave LOVE (2 b shared, given & received...sit wit it for a while)

Flowers r Bloomin,


So happens, Im a Libra Baby...

I wonder what phase of the relationship my parents were in. Definitely hybernating and cuddled up!

Thanks for keepin your site poppin


Actually, I'm a Sag' and so is my son. I guess I got caught up too. Like father like son... We'll see if my lil' man keeps the pattern going.


I'm with Supa on this one, D. Now that I live in the heat, it's April-ish for this sis!


I got caught up youngest is a Leo (so he was conceived during the holiday highs) and the older one is a Sag so that puts conception during the Valentines day hype...dang never looked at it like that *shudder* I'm dating a youngin now so we'll see bout this cycle *snicker*



The cycle is real! It is our collective weakness.

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