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I am definitely down to partake in the AIDS Walk. The lives of our people depend on us walking forward, raising awareness, dollars and sense.


DPM you are the bomb!


that's cool that you are doing that. keep up the good work.


I've done this walk a few times before, and some in DC before I got out here. I would love to join you, but I think I am going to pass this year. I will definitely donate, though.


Awe... C'mon EP. Let's do it big!


Good shit!!!


* African American women are 23 times more times likely to be infected with AIDS than white women.

* African American men are almost nine times more likely to be infected with AIDS than white men.

* Life expectancy for the White population exceeds that of the African American population by 5.5 years

* Life expectancy for African American males is 68.6 years vs. 75.0 years for White males

* Life expectancy for African American females is 75.5 years vs. 80.2 years for White females

* Age-adjusted years of potential life lost before age 75 for African Americans was 12,579.7 years vs. 6,970.9 years for non-Hispanic Whites

* Age-adjusted death rate for the African American population was 30.6% higher than for non-Hispanic White population

Hmmmmmmm????? GENOCIDE Anyone?


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