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I bet you Bill Walton even likes WHITE GIRLS.....



"...White Girls..."



i shrug walton off. even john wooden probably gives him a plastic smile when they see each other. the guy's a mouth. but he's a tv character. he and snapper jones are a comedy act. he plays the "i'm from the old guard" card. i don't mind it. c'mon, like when he says "what vision. what touch. what a pass," on an obvious air ball or "what strength" when shaq pummels tyson chandler. he's having fun with us. who else is killing the "new guard" players? he's found his niche. we need difference on tv or do you want to go back to magic saying, "he thowed that dunk down." hmmmm?



You gotta point. He does offer "difference." But damn he gets on my nerves! A part of me can't help but think he's a hater. He's constantly talking about the "old school" but he'd get his floppy ass ran over in 2006...And I doubt he'd start!

Cocoa Girl

Is it bad that I have no idea who this dude be??

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