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ThatGirlTam comment. Glittah, huh? *smh* Uh huh...


For a minute? You must not be ready for the Supa Dupa then! Drive slow, homie.

Cocoa Girl

Uh, oh. I hear once you go Supa, you'll never be the same.


Actually, I heard that once you venture "On the Verge" you're never the same.


Damn! My ears are burnin'....


Ok, officially...FOR REAL THIS TIME...yall make me sick. I ain't NEVA seen so many teef up in one picture... hey mah dawg - so don't mess this us (or I'mma hunt yo ass down)'s all GLITTAH!!


You are the man!


A Supa Couple on the Verge?



Why you gotta threaten me?


Y'all trying to get me in trouble...


both of you have gorgeous smiles.

My Niggah!


Thanks Nikki.

And Tam: True, true. That pic looks like a mf'n BRITE SMILE commercial!



DPM, representin' for the town!

Y'all look good!!


Yes, you both are looking good, with your big, bright smiles. Beautiful!!


Ewwww...I'm still over here sick to my stomach over all those TEEF...I'mma have to agree with P...looks like somebody's ON THE VERGE of being a SUPA couple...excuse me while I go vomit! HAHAHAHAH


Dang Tam. Did I say all that? Cain't I just take a picture?.... Dang.

I do gotta admit that I broke a major rule: I was cheezin on "The Verge." I offer my apologies. (I think it was the Drizzle)

Dave and EP: Thanks for the compliments.


At it again I never learns does one?

Hope your trip was as good as it looked.


Hey...I'm still LQQKin @ you...and can you PLEASE take off the music...I was tryin to hook my shit up and I came to your site to get the exact spelling and that music shit shut my whole work puter down (dammit). Lost ALL info and will have to start over again. ((rollin my eyes)) I took off my videos for you, now it's YOUR turn!!!


Oohhh!!! Ya'll both looking hot! Cool to see more pics. Glad to be catching up with you Verge!



Peece to all that is actual...especially Supa and Young DPM. The powa move of the moment where inspiration meets this foul nation and produces elation...holla. I bees tha one suga..


*Sigh* Of course...I'm a year and a half late and a dolla short...damn...well I wish you all the best and damnit if those smiles arent extra bright liqour or not!! AAAWWW

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