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Did you eat something with sour cream in it?


Take it easy and Get well soon. I've been sick 3 times this fall/winter which is highly unusual for me.

I am d*mn sick n' tired of being sick and tired.

Hurry Back...we'll miss you.


oh that's cold...I commented on this yesterday and you deleted it....


hey ladies...

thanks for your cheer. the culprit was eggs. i hate them like sour cream now. and it figures. it all "DAIRY!"


I never saw your comment. i get a lot of complaints that comments are often erased. I guess TypePad has its' quirks.

I gotta go back to being sick.


Cocoa Girl

Feel betta DP:) I hope you at least got the day off...




DPM - Stop lying... you sick off of that drizzle!


Well I'm still initial comment was:

"Awww...poor baby. Would you like me to make you some soup? Or maybe one of your SUPAstars can come take care of you..."

Ok, I didn't actually SAY THOSE EXACT WORDS, but this sounded better!!! HAHAHAHA Feel better!!


See.. There you go putting glitter all on my site n stuff...

TypePad Support

TypePad Support testing comments.


I guess my blog is sick too... Apparently it's been swallowing comments. Yuk.

But never fear! Jenny came thru and hooked OTV up. I think...

Hopefully, OTV will continue to be satisfied. I apologize if anyone experienced this. All I know is, "It wuzzn't me."


Get rest, get better, then get you some...hehe


awwwwww feel better man....

You know eggs aren't dairy but it's all bad. Leave the eggs and the dairy alone and your health will improve.

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