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I almost slid out of my chair laughing at the pics. Omigoodness... As to the why of the issue: I think Black folk have always been good at creating while white folk are good at commercializing. And when we complain, they can always say we SHOULD be flattered. (I had another coherent thought, but that pic above flashed across my brain & I've got to go calm this giggle fit down...)


This shyt just looks...crazy!!!

Ditto @ Free. *no words*

lmao @ "heads in the middle of the floor burning patchouli" & "this 'aint no Grateful Dead show"

Entire post - comedy. Sorry, I have nothing intelligent or positive to add.....

'Sup DPM. You're in rare form today, bruh.


Okay, after peeping lil' Ryan's webpage: Awwwwwww!! Po' thang. He just wants him some locs. He's tryin'. Bless his ole'...straight-haired heart...(*smh*)

MAYBE this could be an open invitation to the "White Dreads." opportunity to raise awareness and "educate" and feedback w/those who seem to be honestly infatuated w/emulating (mimicking?) black up an honest dialogue, if you will..

I sure would love to get some perspective...


Hell Yeah, that sh** pisses me off every now and again! We set standards, trends and culture for civilizations to evolve and enjoy. Yet then and sTILL, "culture bandits" rob us. As u may see I am not a fan of White folks w. Dreadlocks. THe Sistah in me just 'role-my-eyes' and keep steppin! Peace Love and Laughs...


I commented to a friend from Jamaica about someones dreadlocks and she corrected me, she said they are locks. That might just be her thing but I've seen photographs of Holy Men all over world who dread. It ultimately is supposed to signify something of the persons spirituality, but its become a fashion statement without substance; I submit for evidence the photo on the blog.


i call them impostafarians!!!






DMP check out the blog, we should all post what the media won't'll understand when you check out the link..



I think it's simply ridiculous...other than an attachment to a higher power...why would somebody want to mat up their heads...ick

DJ Diva

sorry ...that was me


I'm sorry, but dreads on white people are the worst idea ever. NO white people look good with dreads, I get disgusted whenever I see one with them. Usually they are the 'hippy' people, but all it does is make their hair look all nasty ass dirty. Like they were too high to bother taking a shower for about 5 years. Not a good look!!


I am embarassed for this guy...and as a white woman, i have to say....there are some things that we need to just LEAVE ALONE.

DJ Diva

sorry...that came out wrong...I meant "why would a white person" wanna do it?...I hope I didn't offend anyone

ThatGirlTam ain't seen dreads til you've seen 'em on an Asian person...that shit looks like a total oxymoron...



I can't hate on someone impersonating a god. It is sad that they want to be black so bad; but, don't know it. Now that's denial- and I'm not talking about the river in Africa. Yes!! Egypt is in Africa.

I think I am a Brotha on "The Verge"...


I think we all can agree that dreads on White people can be a bit perplexing...

Instead of being disgusted and upset, I guess we can be flattered.


So you think you're on "The Verge?" Well, join the masses. I'm on "The Verge" too but I kinda doubt that I'll ever go "Beyond the Brink." If you are looking for strength for "The Verge" I suggest that you stayed tuned. I do my best in my spare time to address the issues that push me to the edge. As you can see, I talk about whatever. Unfortunately I haven't been able to check my site or update it as much as I want.

Nonetheless, I suggest you read "TD Jakes' "He-Motions".I've already touched on some personal things to keep me far from "The Brink" and in touch with my inner self.

So keep in touch. "The Verge" is here for you.

Supa Sister

"impostafarians" and "ja-fake-cans"


What up DPM. Started reading "He-motions" last nite. So far, so good...

Supa Sister

and Tam: You know there are more than a few Chinese Jamaicans!! I saw one or two rocking their locs while down in JA.

Their's don't seem like an affront to nature like the white boy's do...probably because they're (being chinese & born in jamaica) legitimately connected to the culture...


Natural Dreadlocks is based on the natural coil and design of Africans hair spread abroad. European hair does not naturally coil so in the course of creating so-called dreads amongst Europeans you have matted gunk. The Ancient Europeans hair matted together because of a few key factors which were are as listed: eating and then placing their hands in their heads without bathing for a year on some occassions, having bowelmovements without cleaning their hands which led to them placing their hands in their heads etc. all other activities that consisted of filth, they would run their hands through their head. If you don't believe me then please reference "Roman and Greek histories on the barbarians".
Africans that are spread abroad, hair naturally dread from infancy. What would sometimes appear to be an afro is naturally millions of coiled and interlocked mini dreads.It is in our genetic make-up, encoded in our MT DNA, Y DNA, AT DNA and BIO DNA. European hair does not coil but instead lays straight. In conclusion we see that dreads amoung Europeans are unnatural they would have to use outside products to so-called get matts, while africans abroad hair is naturally dreaded from birth.


dreads were not started by rastafarians so why do you guys think they were. white people are trying to steal their culture just like they are trying to do with kemet(aka.Egypt).

Musings of a racial realist

'But what I do know is that I do see a lot of White people sporting Dreads, and I have always thought "Why?"'

Simple - they want to look cool.


hahahahaha, OMG - i'm speechless! i mean, i am really without speech and can't stop laughing...

yep, white people with dreads look nothing but ridiculous. and our poor, hugely confused, dread-longing character is apparently just another suburban kid who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder and his own ignorance.

i can't believe he's so clueless as to what it means for him or other people other than of African descent, to have locks. apparently, he genuinely believes it's just a "hairstyle". oh, well, all he's achieved is made a piteous ass of himself (inside and out).

thanks for the link, it was extremely entertaining!


hahaha. all i have to say is fuck you to all you people who are like "white people cant have locks." maybe they look stupid or whatever but they arent "for" black people. U know the vehicle that made them popualr of late? Bob Marley? hello half white. anyway, do your research on the subject and learn that rastafarianism uses the jewish scriptures as a basis for it. samson, a nazarite to God wore (is that a word) locks. im sure he was'nt "Black" also some european people dont have strait hair dont be ignorant. Celts had locks fool.


Alex aka "Foolio,"

I quote Forest Gump's mama (For your glory she was white):

"Stupid is as stupid does." You're right Bob Marley was half white and half black. So that makes him... "BLACK" by various definitions. Your point of Bob's race is like saying I'm white(?). Simply put, you're reaching.

Additionally, Bob identified himself as black. But what does that have to do with this? "Nathan."

Furthermore, this has nothing to do with Rastafariansism nor Sampson, which of whom you DON'T know Nathan about what he looked like. My guess is that he was closer to black than white. After all, he was from the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, What does this have to do with Jewish scripture? Are you saying that Judaism didn't originate in Africa? Nah, I don't think you're that stupid. Then again, "Stupid is as stupid does" (let me guess, you got dread locks and you walk around in red, gold and green)...

By the way, fuck you too. "Impostafarian"


ROFLMAO, u tell him DPM!!! I was against the clowning of white people w/ locks, but this fool clearly deserved to be clowned.

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