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Ok, it's a little sexist, but I hear ya. I can't stand plastic plants myself, but I understand them in the workplace. Not in your home though. I have plants in my apartment in 2 "tiny" planter boxes, but I would rather have a large garden I can tend to.


....oooo double standards.

I hate plastic plants...but I can't say much because I have fake flowers on my dining room table....but they're cute...and I don't have the time to care for anything else living...besides myself


You are so right. I have wondered why I can't keep a live plant... On the other hand, I once killed a cactus. I think the real plants are very happy I only deal in plastic!


Good for you. Plants provide good vibes.

I've grown incredibly sensitive toward all plants and flowers over the years and I find plastic flowers more acceptable than decapitated ones.

You killed a cactus.... Speechless :)

Furious Styles

There are plenty of good looking women across the US who are filled up with plastic. Plastic is a faux beauty of its own to those who want to believe the illusion.

Miss Atl

LOL this is funny!!

I dated a guy, and I was all impressed with his pretty plant, I mean ithad dirst and everything in it, one day I told him it needed water he starts laughing and tells me that they are really good fake plants. Now thats a damn shame.



Actually, that's rithickulous!

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