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Thank God!!! And on the verge of getting her ass beat is correct...(lol) but I'm glad she's SAFE.


No, she didn't!

And that flipping my space is on the verge of some whoop a$$ as well. Super booty site.

Why do I find myself wanting to grit my teeth and squeeze this girls arm really hard?


FIRST! I am prayerfully glad Eboni Johnson has been found, home safe and appearing to be unharmed. HOWEVA, Can you say, "Whoop dat a**". My Momma would of took a belt out on me. Especially, If I had NO real explanation or apologetic attitude for being M.I.A. I can not speak on the behalf of her household rules & restrictions but beyond counseling (mental health) I would say the Family Needs A Breakthrough on the Silence tip. I am curious as to why and with Who Eboni was with?

On the Verge Tip, Good job on Following This Story! Contrary to most Kidknapping, abduction or run away cases there is not a Happy Ending! Give thanks for keepin us Posted.

..."What About THe Children"???


My mama woulda' whooped my ass on tv. That's the counseling she need.


Thx for the update DPM. I hope this girl opens up and tells them what happened. I don't think the girl needs her butt whooped, though. Girls in this circumstance "clam-up", a lot of the time because they are embarrased (mentally scarred), by anything that may have occured while they were missing (rape, molestation, abuse, etc.). Any more abuse will cause her to remain silent about the situation, possibly grow resentful of her family, or concoct some crazy lie to appease them and cease the abuse.


:mouth wide open:

beat her. i'm like the poster above, she was M.I.A and didn't want to open that mouth...I would have...

But thank the Lord she is safe...thanks for the follow up.


we know what hse was doing. she wasn't silently missing playing a PS2 or watching movies.

come on. you know what she was doing. please don't have me spell it out.

if that was my daughter, I'd be whooping someboy's ass. then again, maybe i'm just crazy or trippin. see y'all are women/mothers. as I am a man/father, i woulda went mid-evil of her 18 year old boyfriend.

i'm glad she is safe. but i'm hella mad she was on some escapade... don't think she wasn't.


well, I can't say one way or the other. If she was with her boyfriend though, she would still need some TLC from the parental figures. I just don't believe in corporal punishment. I think it causes some children to withdraw, and this one has already run away. if they want her to open up, that seems like the least efficient method. Plus she has serious health issues, and needs a lot more attention and understanding than the average teen.


I live near PCC and I NEVER heard anything about this story until today.

There is some reason she is afraid of telling her parents where she was and what happened to her. That fact that she was found wondering around and had on the same clothes tells us this was something more than sneaking out with friends. Clearly, something very traumatic happened to that girl.


I could be wrong but I think her 18 year old boyfriend convinced her to get on a bus and go give him some.
So she did it and she didn't know what to do next. She was too embarrassed to tell her parents becuz she knew it didn't make no sense.
She didn't think far enuff in advance so she had on the same clothes...
I could be wrong, but I doubt it.


I disagree DPM. The girl was scheduled for surgery, and could have been motivated by fear of the surgery. No offense, but you guys can't pull off jedi mind tricks on all us chicas. ;P



I'm not the droid you're looking for.


Did I miss something in the article? I thought it said "18 yer old friend", not boyfriend.

Even if she had snuck off with a boy, to be gone for three weeks? And only come home because she was found wandering near a school? Something is not right.


DPM - What????


Well you know what? You ladies may have the right approach on this one. My idea of a father/man in my head tells me to beat somebody's ass (Of course I might not set off to actually do that. But I'd want somebody to think twice before they'd pull some crap like that again. Call it a mental ass whoopin).

If anything, this is an example why both parents are needed at home. Balance. I can't imagine myself with that much patience. Perhaps I have it, however I haven't remotely been placed in the position of her parents.

The issue is that something is really wrong here. As parents we have to be tactful, nurturing and wise in order to keep the lines of communication open.

Please forgive me to be so quick to pull out my belt. I talk much shit. I have a 9-year-old and I've never laid a hand on him. He has never deserved it.
He reminds me of those children in elementary school who would say, "I've never had a whoopin."
Back then I was in disbelief. As a parent to my son, I see that it is possible now. Now not only do I refrain from beating him (Hold on, I'm having flash backs...)

Not only do I refrain from physically punishing him, he's just a good kid. I'm lucky in that sense. My nephew is another story.

What I'm saying is that ca appreciate you women as being thoughtful.

I would be nice to get another males opinion. But my blog seems to mostly attract comments from women. Hmmmm?



That was my silly attempt at a Jedi mind trick...

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