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^ good looking out...

...its LAtisha though


I went on the website to read what was going on.

CHANCES ARE that an honor roll student that runs track, and that has scoliosis and needs her medication IS NOT A RUNAWAY. That's not even the profile of a runaway.

I truly hope for the best for this family.


See how they do us! I have not heard one thing about this missing child, but I have been hearing about the open casting call for the Too Short video shoot all dam week. Has there not even been an amber alert for this baby?

We have to keep her and her family in prayer.


We always need to look out for our own. Important post.


Start writing to the major networks CNN, FOX, MSNBC and tell them you demand better coverage of missing black children. Second, insist that your local police departments prioritize these searches. These folks do succumb to public pressure.
I hope she is found alive and well.


For everyone's information here is the email address of FOX news viewers services. Please email these people and let them know we want them to publically broadcast the information regarding this childs disappearance and we want to see the local police departments more active in finding out what happened.


My Email to Fox News:

I'm demanding that you cover the disappearance of Eboni Johnson. She is a Black teenager and doesn't quite fit the stereotypical profile of all the other abducted white children you've covered in the past. Nonetheless, she is human, and loved by her community just the same.

Asking for your help.


Missing teen: Eboni Johnson.

Last seen: 2/16/06 in Pomona CA

Detective on the case at (909) 620-2177.


This makes me feel sad in one way, but here we all are, spreading the word. That's the "community" I was talking about once.

Supa Sister

This makes my heart drop down to my FEET. Ohh, my heart goes out to this beautiful young sista and her family. SHIT.

(you know I went thru this with my lil' sis when she was missing...)

Thanks for putting the word out, DPM. 'Cause I 'aint heard shyt about this on my local news...


The way I see it, we can easily blog about what Beyonce wore last night, who's fucking who, what the new trend in Hollywood is, or what bugs the shit out of us in our little personal worlds.
It still remains that blogging is a powerful form of communicating information.

As it stands, I will always do my part to weave needed information into my site(whether it's about white girls or black etc.) and I encourage all bloggers and readers to do the same. Call it blogging etiquette or what it should be like in our perfect imperfected world of blogs.


Furious Styles


Keep up the good work.


Hi! You guys are doing great work here,Thanks for sharing,hope all goes well,Wish you well

Family Member

I saw this story as i was searching the net i am the aunt of this young lady and she is no longer missing and is back home safe thank you for all of your support and may god bless u all

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