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Miss Ahmad

I do not take this article for fact! I think it's a bitter woman's point of view who has forsaken marriage for what she thinks career achievment offers...if she were my friend I would remind her that that resume is not going to hold her hand in last hours of life, nor nuture her soul, nor be the blessing of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Black people get married everyday, and celebrate their love in all ways. Women are choosing to be alone, and that is totally different.

To choose to be a woman with a career means you have room for marriage. To be a career woman, means you married your career. I have been both.

My friends, cousins, and siblings are getting married, and I believe I too will be apart of that fold!

I over posted, sorry!


Miss Ahamd: There is no such thing as over posting on The Verge! And I think you're right. O'l girl is in Seattle...

That's like me in Mayberry looking for Thelma Evens. It ain't gonna happen.


No wonder why this article irked the hell outta me - this the same chick who wrote the wackness "Why Good Black Women End Up Alone" back in the 90's.

Had to reply with my own essay in my book. So, whatever. I think the Post pays her to write dumb shit about black folks, just to stir the pot. I'm SO over her.


DPM, 'nother round on the Drizzles, hon.


"Bartender could you please give that SupaLady a double Drizzle please? Thanks. And zero her tab for me and give her my bizness card instead of the bill."

"...keep the change."


You showin' out, D-Pizzle...


Bartender, could you please provide that brown diva with a glass of water as well? This time give her this note:

"The most precious element on the planet... You are worthy"

My pleasure,

The man with the silk silver tie

Thanks Bartender man. And this time, be more graceful with the delivery.


You two are gonna make me wanna barf...


Bartender, could you keep an eye on the Asianesque Sista in the crochet sweater with glitter on it. I think the drizzle may've been a bit much for her.



Why my sweater gotta have glitter on it???


Supa said your glitter was getting all over her clothes.


Okay, children.(Tam, DPM) Settle down...Mommy needs another Drizzle...



Dammit I SAID (a'hem...lemme CLEAR MY THROAT) Why MY sweater gotta have GLITTER on it????

The reason black marraige has declined since 1960 is because of the wlfare system.When people get married the lose benifits.Black people are on the lower part of the earning wages,so most have assistance.bring there wages up and you will have less devorce are get rid of welfare.

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