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Supa Sister

True enough DPM, a Supa Sista has known to be a bit tardy on occasion..but I must assure you that I ALWAYS start off with the best intentions...I merely get sidetracked (internally or externally) along the way...mi vida loca!!

But I NEVA leave a brotha hanging...I usually sweet talk him via cell phone until I get there..

It works.

Oh, lemme go...runnin' late for that dental appointment....


I've been guilty of this a few times. (hand raised admitting guilt). But its never nefarious.
Sometimes traffic and misjudgements of the flow interfers with me getting where I am supposed to be, and frankly occasionally passing a store with a shoe sale.


SS & SS: Yeah, yeah...


I won't lie. I have to set my house clocks, watches, and car clocks at least 10 minutes fast if I'm going to be on time for anything. It's not so much that I LIKE being late - I'm just bad with directions. If I have to get somewhere from a new starting point... Boy - somebody's gonna be upset. But, like Supa, my intentions are the best :-)



See... Your arithmetic time setting doesn't help. 8pm is 8pm.


Paula D.

Okay, shrinking in my chair as I type this...I have been late plenty of times, but never intentionally. I have gotten soooo much better. I make it a point now to just be extra early.
Good post!

Black Girl

Change your karma by mailing me my manuscript.......Mr. Respect Another Person's Time


Well. Hmm.

I don't like waiting on people, either. My girlfriends always swear they think I am waiting around the corner until the clocks strikes and then I roll up.

Lately, I haven't been arriving to work on time. But that's because lately, I realize that I don't like it here anymore.


Other than that, I think that chronic lateness is a subconscious rebellion. I think that women are notoriously late (present company included sometimes), but their intent is not to do so. I think we get so caught up in whatever it is we are doing, one thing leads to another and then you are not on time. I can say, that yes, we should call. Time is valuable, and time is also money. I DO do that if I am running late.

I personally believe it's more of a habit than anything.


I know this is a double standard, but guys that are late, that is super gay and effiminate to me. Eww.


Tell 'em, P


Well, it seems like you ladies can admit to the chronic lateness a lil' bit. That's the first step.

P: I like what you had to say. I will do my damness to be on time now. I've been late a gang of times, but I never find it "cute." And the last thing I want to look like is "gay."

Black Girl:
Why you front me?


Oh shoot, am I late? Is this another post or the same one? Or is it the same topic different day? I guess my watch was wrong. Anyway somebody called and left me on hold, and I had to get gas in my car, and then I had a flat, and my friends brother called his uncle who is sick, and then my boss wanted me to make copies of some..............(beep):-) Sorry


Yes, this is the same post. Same story and I see that you got the same excuses. But since you had a flat, I'll let you slide today.

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