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Paula D.

"The Verge" is a place of strength. Not weakness. It's a place where we can examine our thought patterns, share our thoughts/opinions and propose our ideas.

That's why I love to visit! Great post! I have a 9 year old nephew that I love like he is my own. I give him the speeches & try to be there. Thanks again for posting this.


"Boldly I stand here intellectually naked for the world to see my scars, my stitches, my beauty marks..."

For this - I, WE, say: Thank you, black man.

Word to the Verge!


Kudos on your POWERFUL Commentary!

Your last comment "Black women care about Black men." was particulary powerful. Part of the "Plight" of Black men, is in coming to that awareness can seem like an epiphany.

Part of the agenda of genocide for Black males is not only "A system that has expended every effort to annihilate, humiliate, intoxicate, emasculate, castrate, imprison, and demonize him" but... has been designed to alienate the Black female from desiring her Black man.

How better to promote genocide than to prevent procreation?

As in the UNCF motto: "A mind is a terrible thing to Waste"...Ladies,don't fall victim to this form of mind control.


first I applaud you for being a present and involved father. That says a great deal right there. Black women do love black men, and yet I wonder as you tutor your son, what instruction do you give about honoring and loving black women ? Again, I applaud that you stand up for what you believe and think. I know on the Verge is about a notion, and irony. Good luck\
t o


this post is POWERFUL.

i thank you for continuing to create positive dialogue regarding the black experience in america.

and i DEFINITELY get with the idea of verbal masturbation not being enough. i used to frequent blogs discussing the "plight of black folk" in america, but quickly got irked at the fact that everyone had time to pontificate about the issues but nobody had any action to back ish up.

as far as i'm concerned, enough with the talk already. get out there and DO.


i c u...


Word to my fellow Vergians.

Paula D:
Remember your nephew is half way grown!

Supa, Pam, SS, Nikki, Tam... Man I'm in heaven :)

There is no slippin here.


You went there! And your Urge 2 Verge is Lovely. You gave me the desire to InstantMessage my list this link as a conversation piece for the day. I sense by your comments/experience that this came from a 'special' place. I thank U for sharing. Black Women play the 'double' role unceasingly, it was refreshing to read your post and mentally retire from the reality of being Ma' and break from raising Boys to Men...2 read the thoughts of A Black Male "stand (ing) here intellectually naked for the world to see my scars, my stitches, my beauty marks."

Peace...Hold it Up!


I've recently started reading your blog, and I am very impressed and appreciate all you have to share.

Keep up the good posts!

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