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Supa Sister

Who's bruh in the picture? And what he gonna do with all that (flat) azz?


Is it just ME or does she kinda have a big booty for a white girl?


her booty is nice! i keep looking at it my damn self. lol.

Furious Styles

White girls actually walk around packing ass now days. It's not just a myth.

Furious Styles

And while I'm at why do sistas always gotta hate? Both of the brothas and me, the 3rd, agree that she has a nice ass. Thanks Mr. Don't Push Me for posting that for this brotha over the brink. :~)


Aw, pipe down! I 'aint hatin'. Truth be told, I saw "white girl, blonde hair" and ASSumed flat assed-ness w/o even studying the shits.

I 'aint trippin' off her butt, flat or not.



Hey y'all, this pic is hella funny!!!


And hold up - I've got the ORIGINAL ass! How the hell I'ma hate on some duplicate version??

Just...had to straighten that out. Bwwah!!



I can read and understand your words clearly. Butt that's about it.


President Elect DPM:

I'm not trying to be AS(S)inine, ya know.....and from now on, I will refrain from ASSuming (without properly verifying first) that any white girl posted on your site has a flat azz. Promise.


Y'all have lost your minds!! That girl has booty, no denying, but it aint the best. Furthermore, they only have it now, because they work at it, and now they know HOW to work at it (some of us were lucky to just be born with it, or at least born with the inclination to do what's necessary to maintain it - hardwork!!) Secondly, they only want it now, because it has become acceptable (it has always been the desirable forbidden fruit, but now 'you know who', has made it more mainstream). Lastly, Furioustyles - why are YOU hatin'? One girl opened up her mouth to exclaim...sumpin', and you all ready in the sidelines to rip her a new one, in the name of what?!?! In defense of someone who could care less about you, until you have major dollar signs floating above your head, or she has found it hard to find compatible dates amongst her own?? WTF!!


Oh, and don't misunderstand what I am saying, furiousstyles. I just want to know when was the last time you went to battle for a black woman??



Now I want to know too. LOL!!!!

Furious Styles

I stood up for Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King recently and lamented the fact that I hope the Civil Rights fighters didn't die with them.

Supa Sister

Furious? I know you 'bout to come back more correct than that...but hold up, lemme go make some popcorn..this is gettin' good!

Furious Styles

Well pass the popcorn cuz I love ALL WOMEN!

My father once told me that MEN are never racist against another groups WOMEN!

Oops, did I say that outloud!

Nonetheless, like I said, I'm an EOE, an Equal Opportunity Employer.

As I read about all DPM's CBBW's, I wonder if he missing out on another woman who might treat him the KING he is.

And he can still be the Prez!



I admit, I went that route--Once. But I didn't inhale.


Furious - I totally disagree w/ your father. Maybe what he meant to say was, black men find it easy to love another race, b/c it helps them forget what our own is going through. Because there are plenty of non-black men, who would date a black woman, hoping for something to happen, but would never marry her because she's black. There are plenty of men in general who would venture outside of their race for the sole purpose of experimenting, and never meaning to find anything significant.

If your thought was that DPM was missing out on the right woman outside of his race, then your agenda is pretty clear. Did you wonder why DPM jumped into bed so quickly w/ those women? Did you ask yourself, why he was at the club trying to meet Miss Right? Did you wonder why he slept w/ CBBW #1 a second time after KNOWING she was crazy? Did you wonder why he didn't lay down the manly law (meaning - tell her she's either with him or with the other dude) when he suspected that the other dude that CBBW #2 wanted to talk to was more than just a platonic friend? DPM made mistakes in those relationships as well as the CBBW's. Those women were wrong, but DPM was not w/o fault...sorry DPM, you know I am not trying to burn you.


No doubt. I was tripping my damn self. I see that now. And to be honest, I didn't see the pattern until I was writing about CBBW #2. Nonetheless, even when I try to do things differently and things "don'twork" out as planned, I swear it all goes back to sex.
If I were to embrace all the lessons of my mistakes with women, it'd be to not sleep with them.
On many levels I have no problem respecting a woman sexually and never sleeping with them until we tied the knot. I've expressed this before but no one ever believes me. The truth of my motivation lies in the hindsight of my past relationships:

The more respectful ones included little to no sex.

The more wilder ones had sex written all over them even when I thought it was all about something else.

Another challenge I face is that the one girl of my dreams that I did meet was at a club. And Furious was right there as my "witness"."...

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