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I always thought that if Pac was alive now that he would have abandoned Hip Hop, and did the full time acting thing.


Humanity Critic:

I cain't see that. Sure it's possible. But Hip-Hop needs Pac. If you ask me, it still does. Yeah, I know he'd be getting his act on, but with his music production ethic, I can't see him stopping--especially to just act.


The entire dialogue is a sellable routine..hilarious
but I think if Tupac was still alive he'd be dead again by now..
life styles don't change.
But, fantasy wise? I think he'd embrace politics........or in my own personal fantasy he'd be in my bed.......


I refrain from comment on the Tupac subject...



SS: No comment.

Cocoa Girl

Wonderful post! Sorry, but with that conversation, you gotta be in NYC? No?

If Pac were still alive, I definitely think he would still be rapping. He was so intelligent, so insightful and so gifted. It will always be such a shame that he left us the way he did.

Furious Styles

If Tupcac was here, he would be the King of the Super Duper Hyphy! Take the Bay Hyphy Movement across the country and worldwide. He'd have Fiddy, Dre, Nelly, Mike Jones, Nas, and Hova all thizzing.


CocoaGirl: I actually overheard that conversation in a distant bungalow region of the North American West Coast aka "Oakland, CA."


Thanks EM. I guess its a woman thing. Tupac, besides being talented had to be one of the best looking black men on the planet.

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Interesting views. If Tupac still alive the hip hop clothing will definitely hit to the public..


diamond ro

nah he wouldn fuck wit 50 cuz 50 fuck wit mobb deep an pac aint fuck wit mobb deep

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You are not permitted to kill a woman who has wronged you, but nothing forbids you to reflect that she is growing older every minute. You are avenged 1440 times a day. Do you agree?

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