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I've said it a thousand times, black men get successful and whoops suddenly a black woman isn't good enough for them to have on their arm. So who is this one? Dr. Dre just lost a fan in me. I mean really he did. That is sad as hell.


Ha ha!!

Yeah, Dre's wifey is old newz. She's been rollin' with him from jump. Whateva, yo. Long as Dre keeps droppin' those bangin' beats, we straight. Can't save EVERYBODY...

And hey hey, DPM - Supa Sister hails from The Wood. Don't be bad mouthin' my hometown!!!


I love your "OTV watch"


I got distracted because Supa Said that she is from the Wood.

Supa: Check the links on my Web site from the blog on Tuesday 02/21. . You'll see where the WOOD really is. . .L-Wood! What you know about that.

But anyway, back to the lecture at hand (hehe, reference to snoop and dre). I could go on and on about that, but my only thought is, that is the choice of a spouse solely based on characterics and qualities of a person, including looks, or is there a subconsious element that supports non black women. After all, were behinds celebrated until jlo came along (at least mainstream). People fawn all over Jolie's lips, hell most of us have them.

Again, I always have to qualify my statements. I'm not so neo-soul dreaded chick being the ambassador to black women. I just know that sometimes, (not all), they do get the short end of the stick. So do brothers, but that's not what we're talking about here.

Live from the WOOD, this is P reporting to you from K-PAT FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


I saw that before. Its crazy right?


Now that I look at this is Dre's wife Latina or Pacific Islander or something?

Furious Styles


I find your OTV watch to be puzzling. How does one's choice of love, friendship, or campionship relate to one's skin colr or race?

If Dre truly has been with her from jump and they truly love each other, then we should be celebrating in this day and time. With divorce rates at 50%, we should congratulate all the couples that make it, whether they're black, white, green, purple, or all mixed up.

What's is your underlying reason for the OTV watch? Did some white girl reject you once upon a time? Are you secretly lusting for some latina you can't have? C'mon now, spill the beans.


Styles: I applaud anyone for being happy. At the same time, I'm perplexed at how some Black men exclusively choose to find happiness outside their race.
The way I narrowly see it, I love being Black so much, I want my children to be Black. I want my wife to be Black. I want to live in the Black world no matter the climate. I have no quams to change, challenge or add to the definition of Blackness.
I'm always open and a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. I just question the irony that Black male celebrities disproportionately couple with white women compared to the rest of us mere Black people.
On another note, when I grew up, all my friends were black. Now those same friends and I all have children and when we all gather with our children, my son and nephew are like the only Black children in the group. Everyone else is "mixed."
My son jammed me up about it one day and I found it odd that he even noticed it...
When I was young, "mixed" boys and girls were somewhat exotic. I got a feeling that when my son hits high school, he'll be the same way. The "exotic" Black dude.
Additionally, he's quite handsome.
Lastly, White girls stand clear of me nowadays.
I did date a White girl in college and one day she called me "shiftless."
I had to get a dictionary to understand her. To say the least, that moment changed my life. I've been in White girl recovery for 11 years and 10 months and 2 days. Perhaps I should name my site ""


DPM for President

Furious Styles


Hmm, that's an interesting thought from your son's perspective. The way I remember it, The Man once said about Black blood, "One drop maketh the Negro."

I have one of these mixed kids and mixed people have unique and interesting perspectives to share. It's almost like being bilingual and my son has numerous interesting tidbits to share. He has different world's he dwells in, and loves and embraces it all.

When I was with his mother, I was with her because I truly loved her. Whether my woman is Black, White, Hawaiian, Asian, or Latina doesn't matter if a truly love her and she loves me. It's hard enough to find true love and friendship, but even harder if you limit yourself to 6% of the population.

I put this out there because as a brother who dates inter-racially it has long troubled me that others would be so upset that I'm happy. I love my sista's and am an equal-opportunity employer, but I'm not gonna limit myself. That's foolish. If you could feel the deathly stares a sista will give me when I'm out with anybody not Black. I usually feel like if she was so concerned, she had a chance to holla at me.

Nonetheless, people are people and we have enough divisions that we should not judging the next man's relationships. From the look's of it, you have a little to do on your own.


I'm sure your son has interesting perspectives. I'm not saying mixed children can't. "Bilingual" is a good way of looking at it. All I'm saying is that me and my boy speak the language of Blackness. And when we do, I relate to dude 100% simply because I used to be 9-year-old Black boy.
If I'm not mistaken, you were single that last time we talked. So whether I've limited myself or not, we both have the same results: A baby's mama. And they both hate us the same.

The one thing different about our paths is that I never went through the "deathly stares" thing.

When I started my White girl recovery last century I told myself that if I couldn't take my White girl to the Luther Vandross concert or church and feel good about, then I ain't taking her no where nor will I date her.
Like I said, I'm happy or shall I say, comfortable for that. Ultimately, I have a feeling it'll pay off one day and some Sista might even love me more for it.

As it stands, Supa' just nominated me for President. (blushing)

(Don't you see homey? Sistas love Black men who LOVE Black women. And I love, "love." Especially Black Love)
I just do and I don't fight it.

Why should I? Like I said, I like the 6% of the population. Plus, you know me. I ain't into mainstream...




I live to love you
black man
to revere and praise you
black man
to adore and comfort you
to bask in the divine beauty
that is you
I want to love you
only you
let me be your
sun moon and earth
the master to your plan
your salvation
your liberation
oh yes I can
yes I can
if you let me
black man
as long as you
claim and celebrate me

for the queen
that I am

I'm down
if you is...

I don't claim perfection
black man
I've made mistakes
black man
though on the path of
acceptance and wisdom
black man
I have learned to honor
and respect myself
in the desire to become
an authentic down-ass
bona fide black woman

for me
black man

for us
black man

I'm getting and keepin'
my stuff together

and if I can

which is why
I'm only as down
as you is
you need to
I'm only down
if you're as down
as I am

if you won't rise to your own
kingly occasion
black man

if you aren't looking
for solutions
black man

if you want to blame me
and the man
black man

if you let me carry the burden
our burden
black man

if you want to pimp
my undying love
and use my refusal
to accept nonsense
as an excuse to
go fuck white women
black man

I'm not down
'aint down
can't be down
with you
for you

black man

I live to love you
but you gotta
I'm only down
all the way

if you is,
black man.

copywritten by SupaSis, 1999



I don't think the discussion here is about Dr.Dre choosing love in spite of race, it's about his possible motivation which none of us really knows. Sure he could be one of the thousands or millions of black men that think black is not so beautiful, but then again he might have fallen in love with her. But my thought is this, you can "choose" to love. Clearly there are those who do "choose" not to despite color, age, height, weight, whatever. I stand with my opinion that black men have a special burden because there is a "surplus" of black available women who need good husbands. We don't necessarily have to perpetuate the race, because as someone aptly put it, even a drop makes one black. I guess too when you look at rappers or actors who do this, it is difficult not to wonder if you had met him would he have turned his nose up at you and stepped over to the latina, or the asian?


First - Big Ups to Supa, I LOVE THAT POEM!!!

Second - Big Ups to DPM...just because. =)

Third - I hear ya, furious styles, and I am happy you are (or at least claim to be) "equal opportunity", rather than the "black woman hater" who is all to common these days. I think of myself as equal opportunity as well...OK, not really equal, but at least in the respect of race as it relates to this topic, LOL. BUT you can't deny that SOME people DON'T do it for love. You can't sit there and say there is not an inordinate amount of unfair blanket statements and opinions towards black women. Further more, why does it trouble you who is staring at you for whatever their reason is? If you are comfortable in your relationship you shouldn't be searching the crowd for that one angry black face, b/c as you pointed out we are not the majority.

When I was in HS and working some little job in the mall, I was pissed off to all hell at my manager. I can't even remember why, but I was so mad that I was muttering "sweet nothings" about him under my breath while working. I walked away from my customer to ring them up, and once out of earshot began muttering my "sweet nothings" again, only to have some random black man start cussing at me...

'MOI?!? What now?'

Apparently this man thought that I was muttering about him and his white female companion, who became apparent to me AFTER this man started cussing me out!! He thought I, ME WHO HAS ADVOCATED FOR DATING ANYONE WHO MAKES YOU HAPPY ALL MY LIFE, was berating him for being with this woman. Not only had I not seen this man, I wasn't even sure I had looked in this man's direction. But I was already hot, and this man obviously wanted me to take my wrath out on him. So I put my sharp tongue into motion, and began to explain to the man very angrily, "that he has the wrong person...that I don't have problems with inter-racial couples...and that if he is so sensitive to my muttering (which never had anything to with him or his companion) maybe he should take a look at himself, and why he is involved in that relationship!!" The woman he was with, stood there looking at me like I had hit the nail on the head. She didn't seem angry or offended by my words. Rather, she seemed relieved and sorry for her man's behavior. At that time in my life, I had just become aware of black men who did it for all the WRONG reasons, so there was a lot of passion and anger (and cussing) in my words. My manager had to drag me away before I tried to jump over the counter and attack this man. I will conclude this story by saying, that type of behavior is VERY uncharacteristic of me, so much so, that my manager (who knew he pissed me off, and knew my muttering had nothing to do with the customer) was speechless for te rest of the day. The only thing he said to me after 5 minutes of staring at me was, "wait for me to ask that customer to leave, then come back out".

We are the face of your children (even if they are mixed), your mothers, your sisters, your cousins, that girl that supported you emotionally through _________, that woman that stood up for you in _________, and if you can't love us, then what you are really saying is that you can't love yourself. So please, stop blaming a sistah, alright!!

Personally, I don't know why or even care why Dre is with that woman. I am not a fan of most mainstream rap/hip-hop. I love and value myself, and can't bear to hear anyone calling women "bitches" or "hoes", especially black women. Don't we have enough to contend with?

Furious Styles

Well, Ms. Phoenix, up from the ashes you have emerged. I agree that calling women "bitches or hoes" is a terrible thing. And I would not want anyone to think that I'm blaming sistas for anything. As I said, I love sistas and feel much more comfortable with them, as a black man.

My harshest critic is my little sister, who questions the ethnicity of any woman I mention that I met or like. The sound of relief in her voice when I say "black" is priceless. Nonetheless, I'm very comfortable with who I am and what I do. I don't go out my way looking for the "angry black woman." I just observe and report. I'm actually dating a fly sista now, who I'm really digging. Wish me luck!



I'm very happy to hear and see you with a lovely Sista. I just have a feeling that she can be what the others haven't been.


DPM loves you too.


Sup D to the P to the M!!

Dang, I've been out of the loop for a minute. I think Dre's wife is mixed (with BLACK if it matters). She looks more black when her hair is short.

Since I'm mixed (chinese and black) I'm not about to get into the black love debate. My daddy has NEVER dated a black woman as far as I know. My mother is Chinese, my sister's mother is White and his current wife is Mexican...kinda like my mother has never dated Chinese...only black men.

But hey...regardless of which ever side of the coin you sit on...I'd still vote for you!!

D to the P to the M for PRESIDENT!! Can I be Chief of Staff?

Furious Styles


Can I become head of a department like say, oh, Homeland Security????

Supa Sister

Since we're self-nominating, I'd like to be the Minister of Information. Or should that be "Mistress"...

wait..or is that position available only within PE's camp?

Don't worry. I'll create a bomb ass position for myself....



I would like to be head of the Educational Department. I would like to submit, that my first order of business would be to revamp the entire countries history curriculum, to include less emphasis on slavery, and more emphasis on the contributions of African Americans in spite of slavery. I would also expand histroy lessons to include more international history that isn't exclusively about Europeans.


In a perfect world:

-Supa= Mistress of Information and CP Time Keeper.

-EmergingPhoenix= Head of the Educational Dept. and whatever else you want to do... It's ALL good.

-Tam= Chief of Staff, Black House Designer andf Chinese Ambassador

Furious= Ah'ight dude. You can do the Security but you gotta have our backs Blood.

As for me, I'll need a 1st Black Queen. Any takers.

Oh yeah, the Presidential dog will be a pit bull. Holla.

Furious Styles


Many thanks! I promise to play nothin' but PE, "You're quite hostile...."


to DPM,

Robert Nester Marley was a black man. He spoke to the plight of the black man in Jamaica, and across the African diaspora.

For those who didn't know, Bob was "mixed"!



That's cool. Frederick Douglass was mixed and so is Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, my grandmother...etc.


lmao @ Tam's position. Cute.

I like my position. Uh, and whilst fulfilling my duties, I hereby request that I be allowed to run a satellite office from Montego Bay, JA. Or even Rio, perhaps? A sista needs a vacation.

Good lookin'.


I would just like to say I am so tired of black men CLAIMING Black women aren't supportive when on any given weekend you can see HERDS of Black mothers, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, wives packed like sardines in buses for hours sometimes to support our men in prisons throughout Amerikkka. Do our men, uncles, fathers, boyfriends pile on busses with kids in tow to visit any of our WOMEN in prison? Hell, naw!!

ANY imaginary slight that the black man feels the black woman has done to him is NOTHING in comparison to what the white race has done to you.

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