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Lol! Often times 'afrocentric' dudes with dreads talk a lot about being down with their blackness, but you see them with white girls. It's amusing.


Word up DPM,

People assume waaaaay too much about brethren with locks. I used to get a lot of attention from white girlz when I rocked my dreads. Maybe you don't because you ain't really looking for that hook-up ... my mom called them "dirty braids". Funny how frying your hair is cool and a natural African hairstyle is "unkept", to older folks.

White folks (and especially Asians) look rediculous with locks, IMO.


First off, I want to thank you for talking about the pink elephant in the room.

You my dear, have hit the nail on the head.

Let me say from the onset, (for those that are planning to rebut) that this is not an attack on interracial relationships we went that spiel already see DPM's previous posts. This is merely an observance, and with that said:

I am constantly amazed at the parade of afrocentric power to the people vegan (no offense, DPM) brothers who not only have a white girl on their arm, she isn't any sort of eye candy to boot.

For some reason, I always see them in the grocery stores buying all kinds of wheat grass and protein foods and what not. They also never pay, the chick ends up footing the bill.

Just an observation. There are always exceptions to the rule; but guess what, exceptions prove the rule.

DPM: Gave you a shot out on my post.



lmao @ P's comment & neva paying at the grocey store.

"and she love mi fi real mi nah fi have nuh cash"

SO, does this mean you're not cuttin'? Seems ya locs are a cool way to keep you white girl-free, DPM.

How Damian say? "I'd shampoo ya locs..."


I live in a northern state where Black man/non-Black woman is the dating rule & there are not too many exceptions. I'm not exaggerating. So I think it's cool that you not only "wear" your ethnicity the same way you love it.


Huh, I am a white girl who gets approached by a fair share of black guys, and honestly none of them have ever had dreads. I have never even heard of this trend until I came upon your website. I'll have to keep an eye out now for dread/white girl couples.
And, I agree with P, I see an occassional black guy with a cute ass white girl, but a lot of the time the girls are less than pleasant to look at. I always think that they just do it cause they want to say that they have, but I wouldn't be proud to have these girls as my friends, much less be sticking it in them. You've gotta keep the standards up no matter who you're dating, even if they are paying for your groceries!!


I think you're right on. No matter your hair style, you get attention from whatever, or whoever you're looking for.

You're killing me. I see the same shit. I thought it was just me. And you know, with dreads comes a dread culture. Meaning WE DREADS SEE AND ACKNOWLEDGE EACH OTHER.
But when I see the Dread in Whole Foods pushing a shopping cart full of bulk granola and a case of rice milk, I swear he avoids eye contact with me. I always think, "I know you see me and I see you with your white girl." But hey, "I'll neeever tellhell...."

When I travel well ouside the geographic landscape and imaginary lines of my Western Oasis aka "Oakland," I do see an increase of interacial relationships. I haven't been able to figure that out yet. I just don't see how dating non-Black women could ever be in style. Especially since my mama is Black. I mean, I'm Black. My son is Black. My brother is Black. I mean we all date who we want. I just happen to like Black. But please know if I ever go "Beyond the Brink" and date a White girl, I will be sure to post a picture of us in the "Dry Goods" section of my grocery store.

Interesting...So you say that you see Black dudes with White women that are "less than pleasant to look at."(?). I don't know if you are oblivious to this or not. But Sistas often complain that when Brothas date White women, he often chooses a less than pretty one.

Sup': I cut my dreads last night. (Damn I feel good) Maybe if I had a pretty as Black woman to help my maintain my mane, I woulda kept them. Then again, it was time. Plus, I've been reading the TD Jakes book "He-Motions" and it opened my eyes to some shit.


Locks or no locks, its whats in your heart that counts. Check out what your heart says. And..who gives a ___what a man has on his head if he isn't together were it counts?


almost every loc'ed brotha i saw in new york was kicking it with a white girl. where da hell did that phenomena come from?


THats A damn shame! the Google link that is! not surprised though! A Brotha with Locks is one of the most gorgeous sites I can lay eyes on! KNown or unknown to his knowledge of self; I see past the faddish styles of locks hoping that Brothas, especially the ones sportin white girls...recognize! Too badd people are so judgemental instead of being more approachable. My thoughts on that whole subject is really scattered since the psyche has so many levels. For the most part I am in divine agreeence witcha, "I dig the fact that hair can do what it does"...Blackness & Locks Insight a Power only WE (Black Folks) connect to...Just ask/read about the Black Man Himself (ie. Christ)... ok... let me leave this alone...Great Blog. Our Origins Are So Empowering!


No, no, no, I was saying that I will see a nice looking black guy with an ugly ass white woman. I have no issues at all with inter-racial dating, I just find it strange that some of the best looking black guys will get with some of the worst looking white women.


Jen, they got black folks in Alaska? NO SHIT?? HAHAHAH Jen is my girl! HAHAHA...

Did yall hear about that black guy that married the white chic at McDonald's?? I've seen and heard it all! LAWD...

That google search was shocking...because I too equate dreads with got it twisted (no pun intended).


Black folks in Alaska? I didn't think we could survive in sub zero temps?........

Musings of a racial realist

Since I don't live in the US, I wasn't aware of the stereotype of black men with dreads plus white women...perhaps they feel ashamed of their preference for white women so they sport dreads to kind of reassert their blackness...


Damn Musings...

Impressive. For someone that doesn't live in the US your hypothesis--for the most part--correlates with many of the notions expressed by African-Americans.

I'm not sure if it's true, but I can confirm the many sightings of Dreads with white women.

The mystery endures...


A summary of the evidence of the origins of dreads, and of dreads being a part of many races and cultures throughout time:

To me, it's a shame that people use dreads as nothing more than a fashion statement, manipulating their hair with wax and glue to acheive that look. It's like they are totally making a mockery of it, turning it into a cheap fad.
In Asian countries lately, namely Japan, there's a huge hippie trend right now, and kids will seriously go to salons and pay out hundreds of dollars to have their razor-straight hair literally drilled into the shape of locks. They're kind of missing the point, and I know their ancestors must be rolling in the grave right now.

I feel that dreads mean different things to the people who wear them. Mine are symbolic of my spirituality, my connection with the Divine and with the Earth. Secondarily, they are part of my desire to live a simpler life with less focus on the superficial external factors, and more focus on the internal.

Given time, all hair types will dread. It tends to look pretty crazy on most white people during the first year or so. I guess I was lucky, because I've only had mine for a few months and they look like I've had them for years.

I feel that love can transcend race, even with societal "no-no's" that have been driven into us as Americans - out loud to our ancestors, and subliminally in our modern lives (although yes, there do exist outright bigots who think the rest of us want to hear their dumb-ass opinion). We are all connected to one another synergistically. Our cultural heritage and where we all come from is very important to be connected with, but it shouldn't be something which divides us any longer.

I live in an extremely liberal college town in Indiana, known to be the most culturally diverse county in Indiana, and this is why all the racist jackoffs want to come here, I guess. In 1999, a Korean man was shot to death by a racist man on a shooting spree across two states. Now the KKK wants to rally in my town. I've told myself that it will not happen in my town. I will combine my efforts with those of others to make it impossible for these hateful souls to rally in my town. Some would counter with the whole free speech argument, bla bla bla - but what if the speech we're allowing is designed specifically to harm others? These are not people demonstrating for peaceful purposes or positive social change - these are sick individuals with no connection with reality who exist only to spread hate. Their viewpoints go completely against evolution, and frankly, they all kinda look extremely inbred and unevolved themselves.

for those that say asians look dumb with dreads....... dreadlocks started in india.

look up Sadhu


Blonde Bombshell

To the basic issue of interracial dating:
I am always stunned and saddened when I encounter the racial ignorance that still limits people, in a country where we have so many freedoms, not the least of which- the freedom of thought. Newsflash...racial "purity" is nearly non-existent, thankfully; And along with it, the separatist ideas and predjudices from which hatred is propagated are dying a long, slow death. IMO, those who continue to foster such obstacles to love are operating from a very limited understanding, physically, socially, spiritually, et al.
Incidentally, as my name indicates, I am a white woman- I have light brown/dark blonde highlighted hair, its not locked and I don't like locks on white folks. I'm very mainstream looking (sporty to professional). I have dated black men (exclusively) for over a decade.
To the specific issue of dating dreadlocks:
Most of the men I've dated HAVE worn dreadlocks, but not all. I would attribute it to the fact that I find dreads particularly attractive, so I am more likely to notice/make eye contact or strike up a conversation, etc. with someone I'm checking out vice/versa. The guys I've dated have ranged from 23 to 53 (I am a very young looking 40 with a very hour-glass shape/round booty, so I am constantly (just a fact) hit on by black men) The "dreads" I've dated have ranged from devout Rastafarians (in the hills of Jamaica, where I've lived) to big city fashion dreads. I've had the priviledge to travel to many countries and to date men of different colors, from many different countries, and from many areas of our own great country. IME, people are people, good, bad and everywhere in-between AND we all of propensity toward all within us. I suspect narrow-mindedness comes from never having left a "little reality" whether literally or metaphorically. I don't know how anyone can read or travel or "explore" different cultures or belief systems and remain predjudiced. It would require a steadfast commitment to blind ignorance or protection from fear-based beliefs. I find that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know!
We ALL have our preferences and our distastes. Our views are shaped somewhat by nature and largely by nurture. So, teach your kids and encourage your friends/communities to look for shared commonalities, to look for the good and to move quickly and clearly away from negativity and hate. Don't feed that cancer!
I choose to believe that when I am in public w/ my black mate (and I live in an area where there's a pretty even split between liberal/progressives and rife with hardcore rednecks), we have an opportunity to open the hearts of every person we encounter, even if just a crack, by being ourselves, wearing a smile and radiating proud, positive energy. Whether or not that's someone else's reality doesn't matter, it IS my experience and people I would NEVER imagine to be accepting often say "Hello" or return a smile.
Well, that's my 2 cents for
Peace & Love & a Colorful Palette;-)
Blonde Bombshell


Well if people are people Blonde Bombshell, why do you only date black men?


as a young white woman I find myself only dating men with dreadlocks. I can't really explain it but I just find the men to be very interesting and exotic


I don't see how a guy that wears dreadlocks is supposed to only like white girls. I'm a black female and guys with dreads attract me more than anyone else. =]


i meant to write this somewhere the "white people wearing dreadlocks"


I just happened to stumble upon this page and I find it interesting. I am a black woman with dreads and for me personally I love it because as a black female I stand out... by this i mean that I have no chemicals or extensions in my hair. From my standpoint since I got rid of the perm and what not, I feel as if I have received more attention from black men more than white men but at the same time with dreads there is a certain confidence that comes along with it I am proud to be a dread and I personally feel as if that in a sense can be attractive. I don't really see alot of men with dreads with white woman and personally it doesn't bother me if they do because the colour of ones skin shouldn't determine who they are within.
I only have a problem when I encounter so many black men who refuse to date black woman because of their own personal stereotypes i've heard it all from too many having multiple kids by different men, being lazy, uneducated, whatever it may be. That is such a big pet peeve of mines because I don't fit this stereotype (no kids, not crazy, have a full time job, and I go to a university full time planning on getting a phd )
someone above made a comment that dating men with dreads who are black is exotic. I do believe that this attracts alot of people especially in places where you may not see alot of dreads because its different and most people assume if you have them you are from Jamaica I am from the islands but not Jamaica....and I do get called jamaican often and my boyfriend who is a black american often says that my dreads make me exotic and he likes that...So I can agree with that portion....basically Black/ white/ asian/ indian/ dreads or no dreads do you....whatever and whomever you are attracted to should not be nobody but your own concern at the end of the day as long as that person makes you happy enjoy life besides it is beautiful to see that more people are dating outside of their race rather sticking to old customs we're all beautiful!!! one luv!


Love a brother in dreads. I think is signifies a certain warrior strength to wear them. However, I have only dated one brother with dreads...and well, an experience unto itself and not a pleasant one. I too have now relieved myself of the weaves, braids and perms and loc'd my hair and it is very freeing. I am loving the loc'd life

truluvways,on black planet

hi all my sisters and brothers,dreads are sooo sexxy,i need some more friends,with dreads and personality. if your free,come check me out on black planet(truluvways).


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