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what the hell? im mixed race, half white half black, and i can tell u now, locks are a natural state of the hair, hair on any race. its not just a black thing - white celtics had locks. these days people seem to forget its the hairs natural state and identify it with being black because of the rasta movement mainly.

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Yve Owens

Love is love - but I absolutely hate it when a brother crosses over to white girls. Isn't our race in trouble as it is? We need to stick together. Find the source of your need to cross over and address it.

BTW, my grandmother married a Black man. I am mixed and I will never marry a white man. I am not prejudice, but I would prefer to cater to my black men. Just my opinion.

Yve Owens

p.s. i left a so-called friend after he started 'seeing' a white woman. Funny, she is older than me too. And, I rock some lovely dreads myself, he's bald. His lost.


wats the big deal about having dreds and interracial dating? I live in louisiana and im creole so interracial dating is the reason im here. I rock my dreds 2 express my haitian heritage and i will date any woman of any race. I date beautiful women period color means nothing and others should see it the same. Making a big deal out of this only shows ignorance.


People are sssssooo lost. Is our society really that integrated that we can't encourage Black Love? Or is society ssssooo integrated that black love isn't needed, kinda like black movies??? (We aren't struggling anymore and we got a black president so f*ck Spike Lee & John Singleton, lol) As if Black Love offends those who don't understand it. If I promote Black Love does that mean I'm racist??? locks is a hairs natural state and every race wears locks, BUT when BLACK people do it its usaully an ode to the Blackness within them. A visual reminder of the strength within our African heritage. So when you see a locked up, darkskinned brother with the blondest, bluest eyed, palest caucasion female it makes you wonder what his thought process is. Now I know you non blacks on here leaving comments will never get it, because your on the outside looking in, but don't be so quick to be so opinionated because you don't feel our pain and don't understand our struggle to keep Black Love intact.

Also on another note, brothas perplex me entirely because out of all the exotic flavors out there they always manage to desire the one with the least ingredients. I guess vanilla cream is easier to digest, lol.

P.S. You know its so funny that the same brothas especially the ones in college that date the caucasion females are so opposed to seeing a sista date outside her race, or better yet seeing two beautiful sistas enjoying each others company, ha. Imjustsayin;-D


I am a sister with shoulder-length dreads, and what Ive noticed is that Im hardly ever approached by black men with dreads (although I think they are the most beautuiful men on earth!) I am very attractive, have no kids,Im educated,I live alone,and I have a great personality! However,I am alone, and I see a great deal of my beautiful brothers dating unattractive, unkempt white women. Huh....go figure....


Hey folks, I am a red haired freckled white man with long curly-wavy hair, and if I don't condition and brush out my hair every day religiously, it will quickly matt up and start to grow funky (not good funky) dreadlocks. I agree that most white people don't look good with dreadlocks, and the whole upper middle class liberal arts college, privilidged hippie, wannabe rastafarian culture can leave a bad taste in your mouth. I've noticed the dreaded BM with WW couples, but just figured that the hippie girls around here like black rastas because they dream of being with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. But I've also noticed another variation of the B-W couple: Nerdy white guys and plain black women. Usually middle aged couples, the guy is often slightly dumpy, might wear glasses and a polo shirt, might be balding, looks like a computer engineer, and will have a black woman who dresses plainly and looks "family oriented" for lack of a better description. They always seem like a no-nonsense couple, shopping at costco, paying their bills on time, running a tight ship at home, etc. Anyway, I think everyone has prefernces, and just be attracted to what you're attracted to, without politics.

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