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Awww. I won't be too much of a smart-ass, since you just lost BLU. How sad!! Sorry to hear that.

(Your pit-bull case notwithstanding, I have unfortunately witnessed how some irresponsible nuckas raise their pits to attack and fight.)

South Central is PIT hell. They're actually trying to impose a ban on them, in the "interest of public safety."

exotic part of the Western Hemisphere = Oakland



Sorry about your friend BLU!! I had a Pit and my homeowners insurance gave me three options, get rid of Santana, pay an exhorbitant rate, or go else where. I chose to get rid of the dog. I completley agree with everything you are saying here. My Santana earned my respect and admiration one day when another pit which was behind a gate, barked at my oldest daughter too heavily. Santana was but a puppy and broke through a glass door to face off with the other dog.

We grabbed him and when we did he came and sat at our feet.

I miss my dog.

Good post OTV!!!


Aww...sorry to hear about your loss. I've never owned a pit...I've always had shephards and one WORTHLESS $500 cocker spaniel. Now I have 3 boys...who needs more animals in the house?

My cousin had a pit...her name was Cinnamon...and prior to meeting Cinnamon, I probably wouldn't have EVER come near a pit. She was VERY friendly and extremely passive - unlike the horrible things I had heard about that breed of dog. It's possible, just as you say...

R.I.P. Blu


Sorry to hear about your baby. I know it can be hard to lose a pet. I never had a pit bull, but I've always had a pet - dog, cat, etc. I love big dogs, although ironically I am a little woman. My latest fave is the whippet (I know they're not big), and that's before all the drama w/ the dog show missing champion. Can someone tell me why this dog has been on CNN for the past few days?


My daughter has a pit/rhodesian mix and she attacks everybody and everything. Actually when I look at lailah I see this crazy south african dog mixed with pit and think its like a bad experiment in genetics gone horribly array.
The clock is ticking on Lailah, they are going to have to put her down, they can't even get her rescued.


Thanks for the love y'all. Please know that I had to be hard about the whole situation. Nonetheless, I appreciate your condolences.

Sup: I'm not down with the ban but I do think folks can be required to neuter them. There are too many pits or let me say, "enuff".

Dal: Sounds like you had a true one. You gotta love a down dog.

SS: Your daughter's dog probably suffers from a combination of apartheid anger and post American slavery syndrome. That's definitely a bad mix.


Postscript: There are rescue centers for all breeds of dogs. These rescuers are committed to preventing good dogs from being "Put down". Unfortunately there are breeds of dogs who are unpredictable and should not be family pets. Dog breeders have pretty well detailed the personalities of dogs so we can choose wisely. Now Lailah will have to be put down, killed, because no rescuer will take her. Her genetic predisposition to overprotecting her owners, and being high strung doesn't mix with neighborhoods with kids or even dog parks (and its not the dogs she goes after, its people).
I love animals, but I think people should choose wisely to prevent animals from having to be killed. Pit Bulls and blacks? Well, then we get into genetics and whether or not we can paralell that blacks are genetically predisposed to being aggressive, I don't think so. But I understand the thought....I think pits more or less have been the label or poster pets for thugs and gangsters so therefore the association with all blacks.
My thoughts.....

Furious Styles

Interesting! My condolences on Blu.


I wasn't focusing on the agressiveness of the breed. I was mostly was commenting on adaptabitly, potential, stigma and survivial of the breed and how Black folk might be able to relate.

Cocoa Girl

Sorry to hear about your dog. I never knew Pits weren't violent animals. I'm always one of those people (I guess wrongly) saying they are aggressive and attackers in the genes.

R.I.P. to Blu. I just adopted a kitty and am already sad for the day she goes.


I'm so sorry about Blu, I dread the day when my 'baby' has to go. It's a shame that we are stuck with some people our whole lives, but dogs, who are one of the best creatures in the world get such a short life span.
I think Pits are just like anything else, a product of their environment. If you raise a Pit to fight and be aggressive, or mistreat them, then they are going to be a shitty dog. Just like a lab, golden retreiver, or dalmation would if you raise them like that. In a proper home, any dog can be good, and in a bad environment, any dog can be bad. Just like people.

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