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That Girl Tam

Damn, how old school is THAT?? If I can get my parents on the net (and I'm thinkin my moms is pretty much "in the know" now being net-saavy and all), then what's THAT chic's problem? And she probably doesn't need email and internet to be "out of touch with reality" as her ass is OUT OF TOUCH with reality by NOT having it...((rollin my eyes n' suckin my teeth)) she oughtta quit!!

Hey thanks for stopping by! You're a HOT MESS, but the tips for avoiding the cops was a GREAT read!! THANKS!!! *muah*

Supa Sister

Computer illiterate folks aways fucking slay me.

Good post.

And yo - I want a TREO soooo bad. But I've got a RAZR (which I love), and a Palm Zire w/bluetooth, digital cam/video, mp3 player, Word, yadda yadda, and so logistically "I don't need it." But damn that shyt is fly!!



I know exactly what you mean. Although I don't know anyone who is against the internet persay, I do have "that" friend, who keeps calling me for info. Her excuse is that she can't afford a computer. Umm, they're selling them for $300 over at DELL...HELLLOOO!! Not to mention, we are pimpin' China and India, to get these lower prices, so get'em while they're hot!! I think you can't afford to NOT have a computer, with the pace the world is moving at now.



The Treo sucks hard. If you go there, look into the Treo 700. Everyday I'm on the verge of throwing mine out the window.
It's the first "bad phone" I've ever had. Well, it aint THAT bad, but it ain't all that either.

Supa Sister

Good Lookin', DPM!


it's a mating ritual, the whole thing. take it easy. let her do her dance and you do yours. there's a beautiful rhythm there. breathe.......


"Mating Ritual?" Wow. Then I don't get it. If ol' girl has a "resticted ID". on her telephone, won't give out her number, and ain't got no e-mail I don't see how we can ever "mate."




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