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More than a thousand are dead, homes are destroyed, people are now displaced- and you want to insult Kanye West for being angry, scared, and sad? How dare you speak of him as a "deer in head lights," and how dare you FORGIVE him. Let me remind readers of what you said: " Kanye is to be forgiven for his lack of polish and sophistication in politics..."
Let me say, we forgive you- for expecting one to put aside a televised genocide in order to write out a political speech.
We forgive you- for insulting fears, saddness, and disbelievement that such a "powerful" country could allow this to happen in 2005.
We forgive you for not putting down FEMA, Bush, Rice- but being sure to down Kanye for doing so.
We forgive you for NOT putting down the country's plans to rebuild New Orleans in a "new" way now that things have cleared out.
We forgive you for putting down Mayor Ray Nagin for fighting to keep New Orleans colorful.
We forgive you for thinking he was keeping other races out simply because he wants to keep ours in.
We forgive YOU for thinking George Bush DOES care about Black people.
What Kanye said was right to the point of the time. He let people know to wake up, and I love him for that.

Don't Push Me

Kanye is my HERO! What I think we have here is a failure to relate or appreciate the voice of Hip Hop. Kanye aint Martin or Malcolm. He's Kanye. He makes money off us making us dance. He literally moves the people. And I was extremely glad to see him use his force in a blatant honest fashion. Kanye said what wasn't being said.

I'm not an musical artist but I used to have dreams of winning a Grammy and dropping it on stage... Kanye fulfilled it for me.

Bush don't give a damn about us--before and after Katrina. Let it be known.

The only dissappoinment I experienced during the whole Katrina disaster was the fact my people where disappointed in Bush's lackadaisical response.

Bush is consistent. I quote: "George Bush don't like Black people."

And, did you see or hear Bush counter Kanye's statement? Hell nah.


Interesting, did I ever say that Kanyes statements or Nagins public faux pauxs took anything away from the fact that Katria was a holocaust? No, I didn't say that at all. My focus was purely that I felt Kanye was okay saying what he said, but he could have said it better? Yep. And in terms of Nagin look, we don't live in a vacumn, politicians serve the people, all the people. Because Bush fails to address and respond doesn't mean Nagin has to make Mexicans his punching bag, or to make stupid statements that cost all black people. How dare I have an opinion? Typical isn't it? If we don't all agree and walk lock step we get shot down for having a varying opinion. Kanye is not my hero, Kanye is a gifted composer and should confine himself to making musical statements not political one's. What he said was inflammatory, because the point was NOT whether or not Bush "likes" black people, the point was who is going to stand up and publically bring Bus h to the table about what happened in New Orleans without making silly inflammatory statements that only halts discussion. So if you are so angry about Katrina what have you done to make a differene and to make Bush and FEMA accountable?


I disagree:

"Kanye is a gifted composer and should confine himself to making musical statements not political one's"

ANYONE can make a political statement if they are impassioned. Free speech to all...not just the people who went to Harvard.


I disagree anyone cannot make a political statement. If "I" make a political statement if affects very few, if anyone except myself. On the other hand if Kanye West does, he has the nation watching and it can have a great impact for Good or Bad. He can have his views, and his feelings, but political should be left to experts. Actually I have to say when I saw him on the television I was happy I thought yes, black people should donate and volunteer for this, and he will help.,,,oh well. So Bush doesn't like black people what else is new? Next.

miss ahmad

I see allot of blogs and people coming down on Nagin right now, and personally I offer him nothing but heart felt compassion. He saw the things the news wouldn't show, he listened to the cries of his people, watched the people who elected him to lead them die and I cannot imagine the night mares he has a result.

He is no different than a soldier coming home from war, but that the war has taken place in his homeland and he has no where to retreat to.

He may not have Ivy league consultants writing for him and we may not agree with his politics or words, yet and still I support him because he looks like he could use some support!

Nagin's name will be written in history books, along side the tragedy that came over his city. I wish him nothing but the best!


So, if because of his "verbal utterences" he never gets elected to public office again what did those utterences serve?
I would rather see him around for awhile with the fire still in his gut, but with the wisdom to watch what he says.

Don't Push Me

I mean damn. Can't a brotha speak his mind for Black folks without Black folks talking bad? Whether or not he cain't spell, speak, or do the cabbage patch, we know what he was trying to say.

Yeah, "Chocolate City" may not have been the most graceful term considering his arena, but I understood the man. And I aint mad at "Chocolate City" no matter where it's at Oakland, LA or Salt Lake City, Utah.

I know one for is for sure. They be bumping Kanye West in "Chocolate City" and they ain't trippin' on my grammer or syntax. What's really important? How they understand us? or how we understand ourselves?

Damnmit. They didn't give a fuck when Katrina was neck high in toilet water? Why should I give a damn if they are offended at a vision of "Chocolate City."

Damn...Damn...Damn James! Where the hell is Chocolate City anywayz--I wanna go. Shit! Fuck it: Nagin for Mayor of "Chocolate City"

Be-eye-itch....And I'm gonna be sagging there. Er'day and all day!!!!! Damn!!!!


I always pray that Black men and women who are constantly in the public eye, and who can move people to listen to them and to begin to think- would speak up. And Kanye did. And he did it at a time of horror within the Black community. And then someone puts him down because he didn't sit and plan out his speech while people were being killed, and displaced.
The Black community needs to uplift each other for coming out the way Kanye did. And I love the way he did it. I wish more would do the same. Pick your battles... We should not "divide and conquer" ourselves over your arguement...


It is not my "argument"it is my opinion. There is a difference. We can agree to disagree. I don't write policy, I write what I think observe and feel. I question why someone would get "angry" over one black persons right to have an opinion that varies from their own?
Are we being crabs in a barrell here?


Oh and I ask again...
What have you done for Katrina victims lately? Just curious...
or, are we just bloviating here?


I cant knock Kanye for making the statements that he did. He was speaking from the heart out of frustration, and he was speaking to the belief we all hold. His comments were inflammatory, but like you said he is no politician, and I don’t expect him to make sophisticated statements to the public. He did, however, accomplish the goal, which was to get black people out there helping one another in this time of great tragedy. Look at the stats: People all over the country came together to provide shelter, food, clothing, and even jobs to the victims; The government finally got the kick it needed to pull it’s head out of the sand, and survey the situation; The American Red Cross raised more money for this relief fund than it raised for the Tsunami and 9/11 combined. Now that’s what you call rallying the people (read w/ approving nod).

Nagin on the other hand is a public servant, and should show more discretion in what he says in public venues. It could totally be ( and definitely was) taken out of context, and was definitely poorly worded for such a mass audience. He needs to either get an advisor, get a better advisor, or start listening to the advisor who probably passed out when they heard him utter those statements (LOL). We have to realize that although our plight shouldn’t go unrecognized, we still live in a country full of many people, not just us. We have to be more respectful and aware of others, without losing our fervor and drive for a better community. These are the things politicians have to keep in mind, especially if they desire aid and assistance from the general population. We also have to remember that the majority of the population is not comprised of the smartest cookies…and well…you just can’t leave those people too much room for interpretation. Imagine if I white politician stood up after a predominantly white city was devastated. And the federal government proposed plans of restructuring the city to provide the majority of rebuilding loans to minorities, in order to diversify the “new city”. And said white politician gives a public statement announcing that he will fight to make sure to keep said city a “vanilla city”…you know the shit would hit the fan, LOL!!

While you guys can live comfortably in our microcosm of a black community, politicians are accountable to the entire spectrum. I totally felt and understood what the man was trying to say…but I’m BLACK, and I NEVER took it out of context. And that’s just my take…

love my people

Why are we asking what others have done for Katrina victims? What does that have to do with the discussion topic? Whether it be prayers,money,time or a home- we have all done something.

Yes, everyone is allowed their opinion. We should just be careful as to what degree of nit picking our opinion is, because it does hurt a lot of us (as you can see).

Please step down for a moment and look at what you're saying and how it affects your people...

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