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That is definitely one to grow on. I think what you have just demonstrated is how immature as a culture African-Americans or Americans as whole are. You referenced ancient cultures such as African and Asian. These cultures go back for a millennium, and America is a mere peon in the scope of things.
If you want to know what a child is going to be like when he/she grows up you are supposed to look at the parents, well the outlook does not look promising. Instead of the ancient cultures, where we all emerged from, guiding us they are emulating and imitating us.
African-Americans still have a shot of reversing the disintegrate We can build upon traditions and customs that once bore greatness. It is not so far gone that it is forgotten. A millennium has staying power!


I agree wholeheartedly. Where am i going with dating ..besides spending lots of cash ;). Maybe ill get my East Indian friend to arrang something with her older brother...

-fed up


Another great post. Though I don't have anything against dating, I believe that people have lost the concept of what dating should be. Rather than using dating as a tool to find a compatible mate (which I believe includes garnering family opinion, if not approval, etc.), dating is used as a prelude to intercourse. Once a relationship has escalated to a sexual one and, as you mentioned, souls have bonded, real issues that arise may easily become clouded and ignored.

Don't Push Me

I'm with Serena on this one. Dating is is just costing me scrilla. Not to mention I got to weed out the women that just want a free meal or movie...


I feel you. I think that too many young black people (especially black men) see dating as something you do to get to know someone well enough to have sex with them, instead of the way that you go about looking for a husband/wife.

Marriage is of the utmost importance and has alot of benefits but unfortunately some folks are acting like that don't matter. With 80% of black women now having their first child out of wedlock we are creating problems for ourselves that are going to last a long time.

Musings of a racial realist

I agree with the author of the article - I feel that 'dating' is very's often just polite way of saying that someone is having multiple casual encounters.


In that case, at least dating is "polite." You're funny.

Musings of a racial realist

Polite but not honest! :)


I feel like I date to get to know people and see whether we are compatible as friends or as more than friends.Of course i want the man to have the majority of characteristics my future husband will have but it takes a while to find that out.You cant go out looking for a husband.Maybe thats y there are such high divorce rates.People looking towards marriage befor they've gotten to truly know someone


.. this may be, but all of my friends from countries where arranged marriages are common love the freedom of choice that we have here... then again, they are "americanized" and only maintain their Indian or Pakistani roots at cultural events...

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