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Supa Sister

Great, relevant post! I did the other dna test by Dr. Kittles, at

My results solidified a long family belief that our ancestors (matrilineal line) came from the East - Egpyt/Ethiopia/Sudan.

I plan on doing another test w/a different company to compare the results.

What a wonderful tool, don't you think? It just gives us (as blacks in America) a greater framework in which to think of ourselves, our past, future. As an individual, it can be one of the many steps one takes toward self.

Thanks for sharing.


Nice post, you have made me want to try and track my roots. I was always skeptical, b/c I felt they didnt have or do enough research on people who were brought to the west as slaves to know. I actually saw the link a few days ago, and thought I would check it out when I got the time. But your post (and subsequent response) has really sealed the deal for me.

I also wanted to correct something you said in your post. Males and females both carry mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA), however it is passed to us ONLY by our mothers. That is why they can only trace your MATERNAL lines, with your DNA. Therefore any paternal lineages have to be traced through the Y chromosome that ONLY men carry and get from ONLY their FATHER. What you said may have been confusing to some people not in the science world. I dont know if this is what you meant to say, but what you said can be misinterpreted. I hope my explanation wasnt too complicated for most, but I tried to make it as simplistic as I could, without being too wordy.

Very Thoughtful Post!! Ditto - Thanks for sharing!!


Yes, thanks we all have mitochondria! Of course we do. I guess in my attempt to dilute and get it all in a small blog I took the wrong short cut. Thanks for pointing this out.

As for the mitochondria it is in all cells in the body. It has it's own DNA which is passed on only through females. For DNA testing purposes male lineage is traced via the Y chromosome, not via mtDNA.
Whew, hope that's better, I almost strained my brain.

Don't Push Me

This is very interesting. It really makes me think, "What happened and where?"

I think I will explore this for myself.


satisfiedsistah...I hope you don't think I was being sarcastic. I didnt mean any malice in my post. If I have mistaken the tone of your response then disregard this. Otherwise, I only pointed it out, b/c it is important to make things clear to the general population. I am very well versed in the sciences. It's what I studied, it's what I do for a living. But I am also aware that not everyone is knowledgeable about these things. So I just wanted to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the science behind your post. I really did appreciate your post, and I really thought it was interesting. Again, if I have incorrectly taken the tone of your response to be indignation, please disregard this.


Oh no, there is no indignation. I was sincere in thanking you for pointing out my mistake. Please continue to read and critique, this is how I grow. I like your writing and the way you express. It keeps me sharp. Have a good Friday the 13th!


uh-oh girl fight....

where is luda when you need him.

Seriously, I enjoyed the post as well. I especially liked reading two intelligent sistas reviewing micro-biology.
It sure beats the great mystery, "who is cuter usher or omarion?"


Onyx you are funny.

I think Omarion is cuter, but he picked a poor choice in dance partners. What was it the BET awards. Who was that girl popping her booty across the dance floor? Ugh. Nastee.

Oh well, that wasn't about DNA, or was it?
Happy three day weekend


Thank you, thank you! LOVE the info. (Still a little scared of what I'll find!) Now I have NO excuse when I do get ready to dig around :-)

Ursula's Kid


Can ya hook a sistah up!! My siblings and I are doing the same FamilyDNA thing and we would like to send our results to the same place in London that you did. But where is it??????

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