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Yo, what a crazy evening. I'm enjoying reading your blog homey. Keep hope alive. Guys like you deserve better than that young lady.




That was an awesome story! Loved it!! Especially the poetic iteration at the couldn't get any sweeter *smile*!

I'm happy you found it within yourself to take her home, but I KNOW IT WAS TOUGH!!! She definitely overstepped the lines of SIMPLE courtesy.

From the story, I am going to have to go with #2 & #3 on the last encounter.

I'm with D-Beezy - you deserve better. :)


You write beautifully. I could feel your mounting intensity and the let down as if I was there in your place.
You crafted this so well.
Your secret garden is your soul, protect it. I don't let just anyone in my home either. The home is your heart and safe place.
Get to know somebody better first that's all I can say. I look forward to reading more about CBBW! But hopefully it will be with a good ending next time.


I think I love you too Ken.

Oh, and that bitch was and still is nuts.

Guy Real

Good move, let them desire you. She was a whore.

nahh I'm not bitter.


Yo, yu gotsta be kidding me! Where & Why (past tense thought)your attracting these crazy adventures. This chick sounds truly 'off' and full of selective memory. I think u handled it like a gentleman and kept it real at the same time. Wherever she resides on this planet I hope U were a lesson to her as she was one or more for you! lol

Supa Sister

This is fucking hilarious! Yo, you some kind of nut magnet???


Yo B...speak onnit. My boy just put me up on your site..

but yo sun...ain no thing. As polished as we may believe we are in the gammy...we still always take L's. I know for a fact I still take 'em...even recently.

But yo good isht...

- Power


Retrospection is a bitch aint it? Use that experience to propel you to greater things my man...The world is yours, reach out and grab it.

"you see ol girl she got ass for days..." "Ass for days? Nah I'm thinkin 401k's!" - Da Kidd

That Girl Tam

GREAT STORY! I love your writing style...I honestly didn't think you were being a simp when you first met her...I mean, haven't we all gotten side-tracked by someone's beauty? That shit can make you nuts! But you played it right after the concert (and she's a straight BITCH for the way she tried to play you). And she knew who the fuck you were when she saw you...I can't stand stupid chics...


I don't even know where to begin. So I will just say.......It's not them.

All love. No Diss.

Don't Push Me

This was one of the most "extremes" of my slip-ups. But everything happens for a reason. After all that, I got another interview at another spot and I started ballin'!

I do see ol' girl every now and then, and I swear it looks like she got on the same threads I met her in. No lie.
Needless to say, she ain't doing too hot. She got 3 children and her glow--at least the glow I saw in her--is gone.

We don't speak. I don't think she recognizes me. Yeah right.


Yo, great story man. It's like I was there with you. It's obvious that she had a quicky at the concert while you were waiting for her, if I was you, I would've left her ol' bitch ass stranded homie.

Daniel Harris

Great Read!!! I love the fact you can go find women on a monday night. I'm missing out here in Omaha Ne.

mike adkins

your awsome beautiful id love to taste you


Another great blog man, I aint gone lie, in my life i've never been into blogs or found any that interested me enough to read more than once.

Alot of stories remind me of things i've been through!

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