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Are you the father of that kid? Then she really doesn't have a right to ask you to bring a thing to the house. It is a custom, and good practice worldwide, to never enter another persons house without some token gift. She has taken it a step too far though. Well now you know. And some advice; stop putting the sex before the horse. You knew she was crazy. But you jumped anyway, and let the physical attraction thing take you through the ringer.
Well are you done now? Have we grown up now? There are PEOPLE who you can't have for good reasons. Because they are crazy...
Okay? Okay.


Wow!! What a scenario. I think she may have been wondering why you hadn’t talked with her sooner. Regardless, though…Wow!! I need a moment to think…
If you knew the chick was crazy why did you jump in bed with her? I believe in the bonding of souls during sex that was mentioned in another blog here. You must have gotten a dose of crazy from her, because for a second there it seemed like you thought she was making sense. I say that jokingly, but I really think it's true. This chick is one step down from crackhead, and I do mean DOWN. At least a crackhead has the excuse of being under the influence of drugs. But I digress, because the ultimate point is you don’t owe her or her child anything, but the respect to leave them alone until she is mentally more mature and can see how her actions hurt her child ( who is the more important issue in this matter), and mentally shapes them to believe that someone, somewhere “owes” them something. Wow…there are so many different issues going on here I don’t even know where to begin...

Ultimately, the only mistake I think u made was to succumb to your other little head. Leave the crazies alone, and add sanity and reason to your point system, PLEASE!!! There has to be some sort of degree of good character associated with the next "potential"...right?

miss ahmad

what's funny is that you are probably gonna get 5 more women to fall for your crazy ass with this post..and they too will be crazy, but intent on proving that they are not! ha ha is good!

Don't Push Me

I so wish I never crossed that line with her. I really believe that I had a spiritual voice whispering in my ear tell me "No. Don't do it."

Unfortunately, I didn't listen... I wish I made it all up. This is the first time I just let it all out. For the longest I felt kinda guilty that I didn't bring her and her daughter any milk. I thought that maybe I messed her morning up. You know, cereal without milk, that'll mess up anybody's day right?

Please trust that I will listen to that rational voice next time. at least I'll try to.


Crazy is as crazy does and just for the record the only crazy person in this situation is you. You went against your own "6th sense" and kept doing it. What kinda of brother sleeps with a woman and shows up empty handed at her door? No flowers, candy etc. Is she crazy for letting you know that she only wanted 2 things from you? She wanted sex and some material gifts/milk. Whatever. She maybe crazy, but I know you are. Happy New Year!


Oh my damn. I think I've found another favorite blog.


day 5 would have been the last time she seen want me to come with gifts...okay....wait...(i'll be back) only to never return...shit...if she called me...i'll tell her don't call me unless it's a peaceful convo....i'll let you talk to the white lady..(the lady that suggest if you wanna make a call hang up or try the number again)...


Man! "big hair, big booties and smooth skin" you can say that again!! I dated this girl with beautiful big curly hair and since then i've been hooked!


Man i'm so glad i found this blog! This is hilarious man, absolutely hilarious!


I am so late with this comment, having recently discovered this site, but more importantly enjoying an awakening in view of my social dealings past and present.

My comment is poignant and succinct: SET BOUNDARIES !
Unless you sanction permissions, that sh-- does not fly. Do not be afraid to walk, or show them the
door. Put your Robert Beck into play. Robert Beck was the greatest black pimp that actually lived and is the author of that tome. I am not extolling criminal activity, I am expousing a mind set. If Steve Harvey can say what he does, then brothas can flip and/or modify the script as well. Do not allow anyone to foment your inner peace where your sense of self has the potential of being diminished. Personally, I will walk away in minute. I walked away from someone who is/was very special after 40 years. Sure they got some of the property but I have my sense of self and manhood. I am not destitute but I gained something. More importantly my game is still intact and it has been that way before Atlantic City had casino's. Then again brothas I got a little gangster in me (street smarts). You know bulls--- when you see it. Just do not buy into it when it is evident. It is difficult to change things after you have submitted or complied to the will of others. I have this nice guy, passive aggressive persona, that some misjudge until I snatch that rug up from under their feet. Life and the relationships there-in continuously evolve.

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