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This was nice......thank you

She was a fine lady

The Spook Who Sat bY the Door

Man if you grew up association black progress and human rights with Coretta Scott King, well then I guess if its true, I guess that's we aint got hardly any progressive or human rights. Why are we making her appear to be a human rights activist or great humanitarian? Don’t get me wrong, I respect the courage it took for her not to crack under the pressure of being King’s wife. But what exactly did she do after his death? Was she like Mahatma Gandhi’s wife, Kasturba Gandhi who after his death led the women’s rights movement in Indian which led to several arrests for protest? We know she headed the King Foundation which seems too due very little in Atlanta let alone in America, but pay her two son’s huge salaries. Actually the New York Times first broke the story about the King Center doing very little even on Martin Luther King Day and that even researches can’t access the historical files and papers of the movement. My point is that it’s easier for us to worship hollow civil rights icons than nurture the next generation of local bold and courageous civil rights leaders who operate out in the wilderness. And of course the fact that her funeral was nothing but a who’s who in politics did nothing to ask the question of what happen to King’s Dream over just as relevant ask the question King asked in one of his speeches “Where Do We Go from Here?”



I see where you're going with this. I admit, I don't know of C. King to do anything close to what her husband did. I can't say that she did any type of follow-up of Martin Luther King's "Dream" either.
When I say that I associate her with progression and human rights, it simply means I saw her as Martin's wife. Naturally, I've always believed that she had to be a strong woman to be his wife and for that I give her props.
Everything thing everything else. I didn't watch the funeral, nor was I moved to.

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