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Well, I can really only speak for the country of Germany... although our history (Hitler) would probably indicate otherwise, Germany is much less racist than the United States. Many people dont know, but Germany is just as much of a "melting pot" as the United States. Germany has tons of immigrants from war torn and surrounding countries like Russia, Poland, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia, Eritrea (not a CLOSE country, but oddly enough the Erirtrean population in Germany is pretty high)... Black and white is not so much of an issue over there. Im not saying that racism doesnt exist- among the various nationalities there are many stereotypes and some may dislike others than most... but its not as "obvious" as it is in the US. Interracial couples dont get the same stares as they may get here... Hate crimes are less prevelant... its never so much a black and white thing as it is a "german and turkish" thing or a "polish and russian" thing. Its really more about where youre from than what color your skin is. And with the amount of immigrants in Germany that isnt even as much of an issue. Admittedly, the MAIN form of "racism" seems to be West Germans vs East Germans- even though The Wall fell over a decade ago.
As far as the origins of racism- I have no answer for that one. I guess someones narcisstic ways got the best of them and it became a widespread theory that someone is better than someone based on something- in this case, skin color.
Ok- sorry. That was probably the longest comment Ive ever written.

Don't Push Me

Racism seems to be a human flaw. However the idea of us gettign beyond the color barrier is kinda utopian. I'm saying, every corner of the world has some sorta system of oppressing the "them" whomever they may be.

No matter if it's the side of the hill that you were born, the size of the plate in your lip or the soccer team you like, racism is more or like a disguise of something we either find hard to process as a society or something deeply embedded beyond our abiltiy to totally heal from.

As for the United States, I think they've done a great job to make it "appear" that racism has evoporated past the degree of its' Jim Crow Law days.

But really, it's still here and available for those who want to access the ugly resource of it for whatever insecure reason they see fit.

Unfortunately, I don't see a complete way around racism. I think it's an issue we all find ourselves going through at one time or another.

In the United States in the year 2006, I think racism has permitted timid White poeple to quickly smile right before they pass me and soflty say, "Hi."

(I hate those "Hi"s they always feel more like "Don't mug me, please.")


damn the origin of racism? how about the beginning of human existence? that will tell you how racism began

and for your other question i don't believe that America is less or more racist than other countries. it just manifests itself differently. US racism is now less violent and a hell of a lot more subvert. But in africa for example, in particular sudan, hatred mostly manifests as Christian v. Muslim- most Christians Black Africans and most Muslims Lighter-skin Arabs. When religion is added to the mix-watch out!

one last thing:
"As for the United States, I think they've done a great job to make it "appear" that racism has evoporated past the degree of its' Jim Crow Law days."

wonder how that happened? /sarcasm

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