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I rest my case....these idiots (inclusive of the female) are the poster children for the black mans verge. Look at their photos closely. Honestly one see's this type of thing all the time. Talk to any soldier and he worries about "Jodie". Many of them marry too young, with no education, nothing, so no job. Many of these service men's wives live on ADC or AFDC and Foodstamps because Uncle doesn't pay them well enough or prepare them well enough for being married and parents. They have coed housing on most military bases too. Well this potent mix of hormones, and free time, and fear makes stupid marriages. So she's sitting at home, bored, ignorant and not willing to wait for her man, so she finds some other activity. By the time he's home she's hooked up and he has to be taken out of the picture. In reality it isn't a race thing, these two were just dumb enough to get suckered into something. But it's a shame it has to be two black guys. I guess as I said earlier it's a poster for the verge. If you are willin to jump you better look first cause look whats waiting underneath you to catch you. A white girl accompanied by CNN cameras. Smile.


They are a bunch of idiots, especially considering that the girl looks like baboons ass.

marty smith

This is o phat! Ken, you cannot date black women now for some reason. our community is filled with hate and division. After my divorce dating black quality women has been almost impossible.

Ceiarra combs

Really all ya'll need to shut the fuck up...i know monqiue i was in jail with her and she is a really nice person...shut the fuck up talkin about my nikka....for ya'll who don't know she was shot too stupid get your shyt together before you judge her dumb asses


"nikka" please.

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