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King Kong the remix. Third try is a charm, so that's what hollow wood thinks. I've heard it's not doing well at the box office. And if that's the case let's extrapolate that to mean; black folks are not buying it. I mean seeing it? We are the ticket buyers folks we have hollow wood by the cajones an we should squeeze when they do stupid stuff like dusting off this tired old bromide of the Ape man and White girl duo. Write letters, do what you must but we can make them bend to our demands. Look into the eight ball and repeat after me; No more King Kong remakes.....


I'm always a bit critical when people go to see "hollywood" movies and expect to see true to life representations of historical events and peoples. I mean come on bro, it's a film, what do you expect the "baddies" to look like? They are always "Big, Bad and BLACK". Shit never changes.


I agree that King Kong depicted the the undertones of 1933. Black folks are still trying to make an identity today with the same desperation of 1933. I saw the first version of it when I was about 8. I saw the 2nd one (with Jessica Lange) when I was 11. Back then, I could not see the cariacature of the black men because I had no such thoughts in my head. Afterall, it was 1983, not 1933. I mean people werent lynching my male relatives as far as I knew. When I got older, after experiencing the cold, cruel, world a bit, I slowly came to the realization that the big black ape WAS a depiction of the black man who climbed to the top of the pops with a white girl and was consequently, shot down. If anyone is so shallow as not to see this connection, they must not be black. And maybe we should ask ourselves why. Why are all the "baddies" in "Hollywood" "Big, Bad, and Black"? Because that is how America recognizes its "Monsters" in society. See, shit never changes...

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