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miss ahmad

this is why i love having you as a friend!


Out of the darkness . . there comes light. God taught us that early in the game. I appreciate your honesty and encouragement to persevere. . . I miss the good ole days when music used to reflect the love that we all yearned for. Not only that, men and women did not look like suckas for expressing their desire to love and be loved. To truly know someone (and love someone), you must also know (and love) yourself. The real problems occur because too many of us 30-somethings focus first on who we want to be without considering who we "is". Continue to encourage your son . . he is someone's future. Oh yeah . . and Stay in the light!


I think this is so beautifully written and expresses not just the angst of thirty somethings but the fortysomethings as well.
Perhaps what we are really seeing is the distancing and coldness that comes with inward focus and with a media driven attention span. If you watch rap videos; sorry to go there, the people really don't interact, they react to one another and there are no real LOVE songs. Do people still slow dance? Is it possible to rekindle the idea of intimacy? Real true intimacy? God intended us to not only love one another but to suffer the trials of what love brings. Perhaps as we age that's the real issue we have all the pain and we don't want any more. It does take true courage.
Slow dance anyone???

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