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Guy Real

being on time is one of my pet peeves and I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices it. Some women think its cute, some think that they are worth the wait, but there are so many woman out there I'll bounce to the next.


I am so glad you brought this up because men do this to women on a regular basis, especially if they think they "have you." It is an ugly expression of an over exaggerated ego, and yes they do believe your time is not important. It is a matter of respect for other people, if someone does not respect your time, it is hard to expect them to respect how you feel when and if you choose to be more serious. Me as a person I make a point to always be on time, it doesnt always work out as I may still end up waiting for the next person who does not share my sense of consideration. I am glad you took a moment to speak on it


Bruh!!! This is the type of conduct that sets me off. Even if it is having the kids at the doctors office by a specified time, they find someway to fuck that up.

But what trips me out even more than being late is when the sistas get an attitude because they have to suffer the negative consequences of their act of being late.


My Brotha!

Hot damn! You ain't never lied. I could re-post this every week and it still wouldn't be enuff.

Sometimes I think "late" is an accessory to a sista's outfit in order for her to be "cute."

My man, this is one of those things that some sista's REFUSE to own up to.

Peace and Patience my man!

Jamie McMaryion

That's just hella real...I mean I'm not perfect either! There are times when life becomes unexpectingly overwhelming but thats when your cell phone comes in or even $.50... !*@& send a text message if need be! I mean come on I know most of you have those "Quick notes"... "On my way" or "Will arrive in 15 minutes"! That's what they're there for!

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