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Okay what does eating dairy products got to do with the price of bread? My mother, god bless her was one of the biggest racist I knew growing up; you know the good hair bad hair thing. but anyways she didn't like black women at all, not the one's who look black. She had it all sorted out and would point it out: short nappy hair, big lips, big ass, no deportment, etc. etc. So eating milk products, that wasn't a problem, it's how you eat them, white milk glistening on brown lips is not a tasty look, but then again God didn't make designer milk products for blacks.
Are we talking deportment again?
Keeping your mouth closed while chewing? Or are we talking lactose intolerance? Thats an entirely different issue.


Hey DPM. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog, and also comment on your 'Dairy' post. I'm not keen on sour cream or cream cheese either; they don't disgust me like they do you, but I'm not a fan.

I've thought about going vegan, too. What's it really like? Is it expensive? How long does it take to adjust to? I'm curious to hear about it from a black person's perspective.

Oh... and what's up with Oakland? A sista is feeling too crowded in the ATL, and might be looking to break out.


Well Rosalind,

I'm not and expert on Veganism. I used to be strict about it...then I fell off. But now I'm back.
I've been inspired by the ongoing spread of sour cream/cream cheese (same thing) and the torture of animals.

As for cost, I think it can be even be cheaper. For the most part you eat a gang of fruits and veggies. You got your in between things, grains, tofu (optional. I hate tofu), rice etc...

I happen to live on the W. Coast and from my traveling experience, it's hard out there on a vegan elsewhere.

As for Oakland, it's mad expensive here. I'm used to it. For someone coming in it might be a bit of economic culture shock.

Nonetheless, anything is possible.

Please know you are welcome on The Verge and thanks for reading!

And extra thanks for not eating sour cream (yuk)!


Wow, I feel ya on that brother!! I have a strict "NO White Condiments" rule...I extend the sour creams and cream cheeses, to mayonnaise, cottage cheese, ranch, blue cheese...anything of that consistancy! YUCK!!!

But I do get down with cheese and tofu


Yeah, I hate sour cream, crema, cream cheese, neufchatel cheese, yogurt, brie, all that $hit. AND I AM WHITE!

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