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Black Girl

Okay. I have read the majority of your articles that discuss your interaction with Sistas. I understand that rejection is real. But why would you be sensitive to the reaction of a woman who was clearly not coherent enough to recognize you from one side to another. In reference to the "Call Back" Sistas, stop giving them energy. If you acted like they were non-existent you probably couldn't get them to stop calling. Of course its a sad day when you have to play reverse psychology to get the response you want. In truth, the ones that don't "Call Back" are probably doing you a great favor by not getting close enough for you to discover how "Scorned" they really are. In reference to Baby's Mamas....your absolutely right about reframing to only loving them. Truth is sometimes they may forget what it means to love themselves. Your interpretation of spitefulness is truly a sign of pain, a lack of happiness, and failing to find the love within. Overall, Black men as much as you would like the world to revolve around your existence and to believe that your plight is never-ending, the truth is not all life scenarios are a reflection of you or about you. Maybe the question you should be asking is "Why am I so sensitive to women that do not project positive energy in my direction?" Just a little something to think about :)


Sister's have terribly negative attitudes and is one of many reasons why brothers like me, avoid them in exchange for dating and loving white women who are easier to get a long with. Besides, white women like to go down, whereas a sister will look at you like you're nuts, or tell me that I'm nasty. Sister's you can learn from the white girls and how they treat good, intelligent brothers like me.

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