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You cannot be serious? But I'm sure you are.

Lil Kim represents so many fool Black women I have seen go to jail.Those taking up for and standing beside Brothas who did wrong and now she gets caught taking the heat.

The same men Kim took up for turned on her.Oh yeah, that worked out perfectly for them, but what about this Sistah?

Your words are sad and will surely be read by some dumb Black girl who thinks taking the heat for her low life drug dealing Black man is a "good" thing.

Black women/Mothers are fast outpacing our men in going to prison and the majority of those crimes are boyfriend and drug related.

Be careful the foolishness you write Brotha.


I'm just saying I appreciate the thought. Unfortunately it wasn't "well thought out."

BTW, have you even been a brotha in court with no Johnny Cochran?

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